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Me Pottin Majaliwa of the UDPS calls on the population to put water in their wine and trust in justice

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Me Pottin Majaliwa of the UDPS calls on the population to put water in their wine and trust in justice

The carnage in Goma with its funeral procession of more than 50 dead continues to provoke a reaction from peace-loving Congolese and the Congolese political class. Me Pottin, executive of the Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS), welcomes the progress of the investigation with the arrest of senior military officers and calls on the population to calm down. This is what he recently told matininfos.net.

Human life is sacred and barbarity, wherever it comes from and whatever the causes, has no place, especially for a population that we are supposed to protect.

« Like any peace-loving Congolese, and as someone from the East, I condemn the barbarity of the military, the loss of human life whatever the cause or cause. No one can take human life from anyone because it is sacred. I think that initially, the Government gets involved to establish responsibilities and that is what was done. The Minister of the Interior inquired about the situation, and the first decisions were taken, including the arrest of certain leaders of security services, the police and the army. An investigation was carried out always with the aim of discovering the truth“, he stressed.

Me Pottin Majaliwa would like us to also raise awareness among the population so that they can understand the concept of “state of siege”.

« Furthermore, I think that there is also one thing that we have criticized so far, which is continuing to work on understanding the state of siege in North Kivu and Ituri, because it is classically , a military regime and the population should understand that so that they live in harmony with this particular situation“, he continued.

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This presidential party executive invites the population to use appropriate channels and to trust provincial institutions.

« I can only align myself with the Government’s decision by condemning but also recommending that the population trust the police and the army. Because when we ask for the departure of Monusco and the EAC Forces, we should use the channels indicated to do so and as the Minister of the Interior said, we call on the population to calm down and we ask them to that she trusts the provincial institutions that are there« .

The latest news is that the verdict fell on Monday October 2 concerning the massacre in Goma at the end of August. Colonel Mike Mikombe is sentenced to life in prison for murder. He was also removed from the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC).

3 soldiers of the Republican Guard (GR) are sentenced to ten years of main penal servitude, notably for murder. Furthermore, Colonel Bawili and Idris Kabamba, 2nd class are acquitted.

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