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On 12 October, during a videoconference summit organized by the Italian government, the leaders of the G20 pledged to work together to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan. The European Union has decided to allocate one billion euros for humanitarian aid. On the same day, some representatives of the Taliban government met for the first time a joint delegation of the United States and the European Union in Doha, Qatar.

The Saudi Arabian-led coalition announced on October 12 that 290 Huthi rebels have died in the past forty-eight hours in raids conducted in the strategic region of Marib in central Yemen. However, Yemeni government sources have confirmed the advance of the rebels, who are now at the gates of Marib, the regional capital.

On 12 October the International Court of Justice (IGC) awarded Somalia most of a maritime area of ​​the Indian Ocean, rich in fish and potentially hydrocarbons, which was also claimed by Kenya. Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said his country “does not recognize the sentence”. The appeal was filed by Somalia in 2014.

On October 12, the government rejected the opposition’s request to organize a large demonstration in Havana and other cities in the country on November 15, saying that “the promoters are supported by Washington and that their goal is to overthrow the regime.” The Archipiélago group, which had promoted the initiative, however, confirmed the invitation to take to the streets in a “civil and peaceful” way.

President Sebastián Piñera proclaimed a state of exception on 12 October in four provinces of the Biobío and Araucanía regions, in the central south of the country, where a conflict is underway with the Mapuche indigenous who claim their ancestral lands. On 10 October a woman had died in Santiago in clashes that broke out between demonstrators and police during a march for the Mapuche, the main indigenous people of the country.

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On 12 October, the Austrian NGO AllRise denounced Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to the International Criminal Court for “crimes against humanity”, accused of favoring the deforestation of the Amazon with devastating consequences for human life and health worldwide. . According to some studies, the Amazon today emits more carbon dioxide than it absorbs due to deforestation and fires.


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