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Measure and Optimize Your Internet Connection ✔️

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Measure and Optimize Your Internet Connection ✔️

How to Perform an Effective Tigo Speedtest?

Steps Prior to the Speed ​​Test

Get closer to the Modem

For an accurate measurement, if you are connected via WiFi, it is crucial to be close to the modem. WiFi signal strength decreases with distance and obstacles.

Disconnect Other Devices

Make sure only the device you use for testing is connected to the network. Each device and application in use can affect the measured speed.

Restart the Modem

A reset may ensure a more accurate measurement. Unplug it for at least 10 seconds before testing.

Starting the Speed ​​Test

Once these steps are completed, you are ready to start Speedtest Tigo and get accurate results about your connection speed.

Interpreting Speedtest Results

Understanding Latency and Jitter

Latency or ping reflects the time it takes for online actions, such as loading a web page. The jitter indicates the variability of this latency.

Download and Upload Speeds

Download speed is crucial for activities like streaming videos, while upload speed is important for sending emails or making video calls.

Tigo Network Performance According to Ookla

Tigo has been recognized by Ookla, a global leader in network analytics, for delivering high upload and download speeds. In 2020, Tigo achieved a Speed ​​Score of 22.04, with average download and upload speeds of 23.08 Mbps and 11.91 Mbps respectively. This recognition reflects Tigo’s commitment to quality service.


Performing a Speedtest with Tigo is a simple process and offers reliable results to measure your Internet connection. By taking the proper steps and understanding your results, you can ensure that your connection meets your needs.

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