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measure that continues to protect the lives of salvadorans

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measure that continues to protect the lives of salvadorans

Nine days after the first year of the implementation of the Exception Regime, the deputies of the Legislative Assembly extended the measure for another 30 days, in order to continue protecting the life and property of Salvadorans.

This extension, which will allow us to continue fighting gangs and organized crime, and which is based on article 29 of the Constitution of the Republic, was approved with 67 votes in the 99th plenary session.

Since the measure was approved, on March 27, 2022, officials from the Security Cabinet have requested authorization to continue applying it to the Legislative Plenary 12 times.

The President of the Legislative Assembly, Ernesto Castro, recognized the sacrifice and effort of the PNC agents and the military who patrol throughout the country, risking their lives and physical integrity to defend honest Salvadorans.

The effectiveness of the Exception Regime has allowed the authorities to register 217 days with zero homicides.

“The results of the Territorial Control Plan and the exception regime are totally irrefutable. For this reason, this new Legislative Assembly will guarantee another month of validity of this successful and courageous measure that will allow Salvadorans to continue living in true freedom and peace,” President Castro asserted.

Hours before the Legislative Body will approve the extension, Minister Villatoro assured that this war against gang members, complemented by the Territorial Control Plan, has 96% of the population’s support.

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