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Measures to control solid waste and pruning are socialized in Valledupar

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Measures to control solid waste and pruning are socialized in Valledupar

Within the framework of environmental management, the socialization of the Decree of control measures on the disposal of solid waste and prunings in Valledupar was carried out in Valledupar. This event took place in Los Algarrobillos Park, and had the active participation of the community, the Valledupar Animal Traction Vehicle Association, councilors and key actors in the process.

With the firm purpose of optimizing the waste collection and final disposal service, Decree 000507 establishes a series of key guidelines and definitions, both for citizens and for entities that provide the cleaning service. Mayor Ernesto Orozco Durán signed this Decree, which will implement rigorous measures aimed at strengthening the final disposal of solid waste in the municipality.

Through these control measures, the Municipal Administration has established four authorized points for the transfer of solid waste, as well as a system of fines to ensure compliance with regulations, preserve public well-being and the health of the city.

On the other hand, the Municipal Decree establishes economic sanctions for infractions related to waste management, with fines that vary from two to sixteen current legal daily minimum wages. These fines will be applied in cases of inappropriate disposal of waste, when the times and places designated for garbage are not met, and may increase their value depending on the nature and repetition of the violations.

Finally, Mayor Ernesto Orozco expressed: “We do not want more pruning that will dirty Valledupar, but we do want, above all, the commitment of the vallenatos. I am very happy and I want to thank the Secretary of Government and the National Police for their collaboration in carrying out this Decree, and thus ensuring that Valledupar is clean and safe. Today, it is the first step.”

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The fines contemplated in Decree 000507 establish corrective measures, reprimands and participation in community programs or pedagogical activities, with the objective of not only penalizing, but also educating and raising awareness among citizens about the importance of correct disposal and management of waste. .

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