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Medals for the Red Jackets |  Nachrichten.at

40 years ago, the man from Ternberg put on the Red Cross jacket to start his first rescue service as a paramedic at the Steyr-Stadt district office. The state governor has now awarded him the “Silver Upper Austrian Rescue Medal” for his volunteer work with the Red Cross. Sobola is not a lone fighter in the region against the diverse needs that can affect anyone. The Red Cross main helper and drinking water treatment expert from Bad Hall (who has been there since 1995) as well as the Steyr department commander, platoon commander from Behamberg, paramedic (domestic emergency service) from Steyr, the Neuzeug platoon commander and the main platoon leader were also honored with rescue medals at the ceremony in the Stone Hall of the Linz country house from Sierning for a quarter of a century of commitment to the Red Cross. The President of Upper Austria was also the helpers and rescuers from the Steyr region, who have been relied on for decades. Red Cross, visibly proud, he warmly congratulated the medal winners. There was also praise and recognition for the winners from the district office managers of Steyr city and country, and .


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