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Media: AJSIT members leave Atakpamé seasoned and strengthened

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Media: AJSIT members leave Atakpamé seasoned and strengthened

The curtains fell on June 10, 2023 on the two-day training organized by the AJSIT under the aegis of the Ministry of Sports and Recreation for its members. During these two days, the journalists had to update their knowledge through several developed themes.

The Association of Independent Sports Journalists of Togo equipped its members on June 9 and 10, 2023 through a training workshop held in Atakpamé. About fifty sports journalists took part in this workshop. A meeting that allowed members to be impregnated with the identity of the journalist, the new press and communication code, the sports journalist and the new media and the sports journalist and the coverage of major events. Hence the satisfaction of Fifi ASSOGBAVI, president of the AJSIT “We are satisfied with these two days of training, because everything went well. The participants are satisfied with everything that has been done. The themes were enriching and the trainers gave the best of themselves and I believe that at the end of this training we can only speak of our satisfaction. By starting this workshop we had said that the theme of the identity of the journalist will come back again but under other facets. We are going to get down to it so that surely by the end of the year we will still have a moment of training on the continuation of this theme with the same trainer. This is what we want to do and we believe with the help of our partners who accompany us we will succeed in this bet.“, rejoices the general manager of Togofoot.tg

For Donatien ZIGAH, one of the participants of this workshop: “It was a great pleasure to take part in this very beneficial workshop. Any journalist who wants to be professional must from time to time be trained and update their knowledge because we are in a world in perpetual change and journalists must follow this change. With the modules developed during this workshop we will have to improve the quality of our profession to the delight of our audience and our readers and the image of Togolese journalism will be better cared for through our various productions.“, he declared before welcoming the initiative”The initiative in itself is good and it is in line with the course of the program of the executive office of our association.».

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