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Media people talk about the CCP’s main reason for cracking down on celebrity internet celebrities: not allowed to snatch the crowd with Xi Jinping | Celebrity | Xi Jinping | Purge | Entertainment Circle | Zheng Shuang |

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[Voice of Hope November 25, 2021](Comprehensive report by our reporter Zhang Lili)In recent months, the CCP has stepped up its purge on the entertainment industry. After Zheng Shuang, Wu Yifan, Zhang Zhehan, Fan Bingbing, Zhao Wei and other artists were silenced successively, the accounts of several traffic influencers were also blocked. Chen Weiyu, a well-known social media anchor living in Canada, analyzed that fans worshiping celebrities distracted Xi Jinping. Therefore, the CCP will definitely take measures to rectify the celebrities and will not allow celebrities to snatch the crowd from Xi Jinping.

The CCP has recently expanded its supervision over the entertainment industry again. On November 23, the Central Cyberspace Administration of China issued a notice requesting all departments to regulate the online information of entertainment stars, pay attention to the dynamics of artists, include “unethical” artists in a negative list, conduct real-time monitoring and dynamic early warning, and strictly prevent their “curve”. Comeback”. This means that those celebrities who are qualitatively attacked by the CCP have basically no chance of turning over.

At the same time, the CCP also encourages the public to copy and promote “Xi Jinping Thought”, show “the bright spots of economic and social development”, publish more information “can increase China’s international influence”, and “tell Chinese stories.”

Chen Weiyu said that the CCP has always valued culture and entertainment in history, and used it as a brainwashing tool. She said: “You can imagine, what does it (the CCP) regard this cultural field and entertainment field? It is the gun in its hands! For the CCP, the main function of the entertainment industry is not other, but to Political service, praising the CCP, and brainwashing the people.”

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She continued to analyze that after China’s reform and opening up, the entertainment industry has become more and more commercialized, which has severely weakened its role in CCP politics. This is something the CCP rulers do not want to see. Moreover, behind those traffic stars is a very huge and complex commercial interest, which is a pawn in business warfare.

“So if you use this approach to engage in business instead of serving politics, then he (Xi Jinping) will definitely not agree and won’t agree,” Chen Weiyu said. “The power to control traffic stars and Internet celebrities is obviously not in Xi Jinping’s power. Not only do they fail to play the political role of praising the authorities, they even circulate money and fans, and fans worship stars, which distracts the worship of Xi Jinping. Therefore, the CCP must take action to rectify and control public opinion. Hold tightly in your own hands to change the social atmosphere and make the entire cultural and entertainment industry part of the CCP’s political propaganda.”

The founder and columnist of Taiwan’s “Pre-Sentinel Plan” website also mentioned that because everyone has only one brain, what Xi Jinping wants is to occupy the people’s “brain capacity.” “In other words, if (the masses) think of Zhao Wei, Xiao S, and Wu Yifan every day, then the memory that can hold Mao Zedong and Xi Jinping in their minds will not be enough, so Xi Jinping will occupy this time. It’s the brain capacity of the people.”

Although there are comments that one of the goals of the CCP’s rectification of bad actors and Internet celebrities is to guide young people to establish the correct “three outlooks”, namely world outlook, outlook on life and values, Chen Weiyu said that the benevolence, justice and etiquette in traditional Chinese culture Zhixin was all destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. “The CCP has never established the correct three outlooks since its establishment. It runs counter to the universal values ​​of the Western free world. How can it help others to establish the correct three outlooks?”

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The Voice of America quoted observers as saying that the excessive entertainment and depoliticization of society, in the eyes of the authorities, there will be a gap in ideological management, which is not conducive to the unification of ideology and politics and the “ideological security” that Xi Jinping is most concerned about. Therefore, , Xi Jinping’s authorities want to “correct” him and bring him back to the “right track.”

Mainland independent media commentator Wu Te said: “The leadership of the Chinese Communist Party believes that entertainment programs occupy too much people’s attention, which is not conducive to the deepening and advancement of political brainwashing. Therefore, it is necessary to crack down and turn most TV programs into brainwashing. programme.”

Bi Xin, a current affairs commentator, said that most of China’s star-chasers are young people who are easy to accept new things, and the size of the fan group is getting bigger and bigger. It has become a low-lying area for the CCP’s ideological propaganda and the CCP’s most worried group. The CCP’s move is to tell these young people that they have worshipped the wrong idol.

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