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Medical college students respond to Mirawi White’s call for escalation

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Medical college students respond to Mirawi White’s call for escalation

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Students in the faculties of medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry decided to take the path of escalation to express their anger at the current situation by entering into a comprehensive and open boycott of studies and a national protest on Thursday, February 29, in front of the Parliament headquarters in Rabat, in response to what was stated in the press conference held by the Ministers of Health and Higher Education. The day before yesterday, Thursday, February 22, 2024.

The statement of the National Committee for Medical, Dentistry and Pharmacy Students, issued yesterday, Friday, February 23, 2024, revealed that the students are continuing their protests by all available and possible means, in order to confront the deafening silence that the two ministries have maintained for more than two years, and the procrastination and restrictions practiced by the Ministries of Health and Higher Education, which have not adopted the plan. So far, there have been no effective solutions to their legitimate demands, according to the statement itself.

The National Committee considered that the step to boycott the examinations for the first session was 100% successful, sending a message of unity and continuity of students in the struggle to improve the quality of medical and pharmaceutical education in Morocco, and to put pressure on the responsible authorities to reopen the dialogue, in order to discuss the points to which they did not respond. The two ministries during the meeting they held with student representatives on February 15, 2024.

The committee’s statement said that the renewal of the boycott comes in a context in which the marginalization of pharmacy students is increasing and their demands are constantly ignored, as work on draft meeting minutes was refused during the last meeting approved by the student body, which was confirmed by the recent press conference held at the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation. , between the two ministers, accusing them of passing “fallacies” to public opinion through official media channels during the symposium.

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In its communication, the National Committee renewed its categorical rejection of the decision to reduce the years of medical training from seven to six years, due to the lack of a clear vision for a comprehensive and realistic reform of the medical training system and because this decision has a direct negative impact on the quality of the training of tomorrow’s Moroccan doctors.

The communication also called on the two ministries to stop the increase in the number of new arrivals for all people due to the absence of infrastructure in the hospital training grounds and sufficient human resources to contain these increases, taking into account the current state of overcrowding in the training and hospital training grounds, and to expand the hospital training grounds by creating hospital units. A university that takes into account pedagogical systems and standards.

The communication also called on officials to respond to the demand for an increase in compensation for assignments for third- to seventh-year students, regardless of their background. And directing the structure of the third corps with the involvement of representatives of the National Committee, as was agreed upon in the minutes of the year 2019. And ensuring and providing training opportunities during the sixth year within pharmacies, biology laboratories, or pharmaceutical manufacturing laboratories, according to the students’ choice.

The National Committee for Medical, Dentistry and Pharmacy Students announced in its communication that it would organize a press conference on Monday, February 26, 2024, to raise public awareness and correct misconceptions, in addition to organizing a national landing on February 29, 2024 in front of the Parliament Dome.

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At the conclusion of the statement, the students affirmed their firm determination to continue the struggle to improve the quality of medical and pharmaceutical education in Morocco, while preserving the gains and health of the Moroccan citizen, and their call for serious dialogue that is far from political maneuvering.

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