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Mediterranean cyclone over Sicily, one dead. Flood in Catania: shops closed, the mayor’s appeal to stay at home

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Bad weather, cars submerged by water in Catania: river through the streets of the city

The victim in Gravina di Catania

The person who died in Gravina di Catania is a 53-year-old man (and not a young woman as it was first learned). The body was found by Mercy volunteers under the car. Attempts at cardiopulmonary resuscitation were useless. According to an initial reconstruction, it seems that the victim, originally from Pedara but resident in Catania, got out of a car, perhaps after a road accident, in via Etnea and was overwhelmed by water. Firefighters, carabinieri, municipal police and 118 personnel also intervened on the spot.

Firefighters rescue motorists aboard rubber boats

The firefighters had to intervene with rubber boats to rescue motorists who were stuck in their cars submerged by water in one of the junctions of the Catania service axis. People were picked up from cars near a shopping mall and put into safety. Another rescue operation by the fire brigade was carried out in the area of ​​the fish market: under an arch of the Navy a person got on the hood of his car and was helped by the firefighters. Similar scenes, of cars submerged by water, were recorded in various districts of the city.

Sicily overwhelmed by bad weather. In Catania the most critical situation

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Extended alert

The Civil Protection has extended the alert issued in recent days. The warning foresees the persistence of strong to stormy winds from the eastern quadrants, over Sicily, with gusts of strong storm or storm, especially on the south-eastern sectors. Heavy storms expected along the coasts. The phenomena will be accompanied by strong showers, local hailstorms, frequent electrical activity and strong gusts of wind. For the day of Wednesday 27 October, orange alert on part of Sicily and yellow on the remaining areas of Sicily and on the extreme sectors of Calabria.

More storms are coming

Unfortunately, the weather situation does not bode well. “More and more confirmations are arriving on the formation of a deep Mediterranean cyclone in the coming days, which could take on tropical characteristics, becoming what is medically called Medicane (from MEDiterranean HurriCANE)” – says 3bmeteo.com meteorologist Edoardo Ferrara who warns – unfortunately bad weather flood of recent days in Sicily could be just an appetizer of a new and even more severe wave of bad weather that could hit the island between Thursday and Friday. Thus new heavy rains and storms will be possible, in particular in Ragusa, Syracuse and Catania, with stormy winds, gusts from the Levant sometimes exceeding 70-80km / h and violent storm surges on the Ionian coasts with waves sometimes of over 2-3 meters. Calabria is also partly involved, primarily the Reggio area, but sometimes heavy rains could also affect the rest of the Ionian side, especially between Locride and Catanzaro.

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