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Mediterranean University – Articles – 9 May | Study meeting: Human factor and flight safety

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Mediterranean University – Articles – 9 May |  Study meeting: Human factor and flight safety

Tuesday 9 May 2023 at the Aula Magna of Engineering of the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, the study meeting will take place, also aimed at students of secondary schools, to discuss “Human factor and flight safety”.

After the institutional greetings of the Rector, prof. Giuseppe Zimbalatti, and the Directors of the DICEAM and DIIES Engineering Departments, prof. John Leonardi and Prof. Claudio De Capua, Prof. Marinella Giunta (DICEAM) and Prof. Valerio Scordamaglia (DIIES) will speak. Exceptional speakers will be Gen. pil. Roberto De Marco, the T. Col. Ing. Gianluca Greco and the T. Col. Simone Deiana of the Air Force. The interventions will be coordinated by prof. Michael Buonsanti.

The event aims to stimulate a profound reflection on the epochal changes that the technological leap of our times has already begun to impose on the aerospace world. In particular, a very topical problem is addressed, the man-machine interface; with specific reference to when aircraft, due to their ever-increasing complexity, also due to artificial intelligence, will play a decisive role also and not only on the front-side with the pilot.

The issues will be explored both in the research field and in the specific operational implementation of the flight activity.

Recent studies show that between 70% and 80% of the problems and accidents that have occurred in recent years are partly attributable to human errors. In general, from the 1950s onwards, with the introduction of jets, the percentage of air accidents has clearly decreased; however, while great progress has been made in decreasing machine failure events, much remains to be done regarding the human component of the system. The burden of human error in aircraft accidents has remained unchanged, while failures of electrical and mechanical components and problems due to environmental factors have been significantly reduced. It is therefore essential to pay attention to the human side of the system, to try to make it less fragile and create a safer system.

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The presence of speakers whose professional brilliance, combined with great organizational and management skills will finalize the meeting with communications aimed precisely at the human aspect in interaction with aerospace flight, not neglecting the technological but mainly psychological aspects which play a fundamental part in the relationship between man and aircraft.

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