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Meet Ítala, the Cali brand for empowered women with style that landed in Jardín Plaza

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Meet Ítala, the Cali brand for empowered women with style that landed in Jardín Plaza

Ítala is one of the new Jardin Plaza stores that is causing a sensation among women, This brand was born in Cali and since its creation it has managed to transcend the sense of fashion, turning it into a reflection and personal encounter of the unique essence of each woman.

Ítala is committed to creating an unforgettable journey through fashion, so each garment designed by them seeks to become a part of your story, full of magic and color.

With more than 15 years of experience, Ítala arrived at Jardín Plaza with a clear mission: respect and highlight the beauty of each woman in the different roles she assumes.

At the same time, it is much more than a clothing brand; It is an unforgettable journey through collections full of magic and color, and now, this experience is at your fingertips at store L261-262.

Dare to be unique with Ítala

Since its beginnings, Ítala has been synonymous with innovation and elegance, therefore, the vision of Erika Silva, its founder, was find meaning in everything you create; Each garment, detail, design and print tells a unique story.

Itala is a place where fashion becomes an authentic expression of your personality. Every woman is unique, and that is what the brand celebrates

This brand has no age limits or restrictions, from young women who have recently graduated from university who want to be fashionable, to working women who want look elegant and sophisticated on a daily basisand seniors who continue to enjoy life in style.

Ítala understands that each stage of life has its own beauty and uniqueness and its clothes are designed to make you feel comfortable and confident.

They don’t just dress bodies, they dress souls

Do you have a special event in your life? A baptism, a wedding or an important meeting? . At Ítala, you not only find beautiful clothes, but also personalized advice for every occasion.

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The warehouse of Ítala in Jardín Plaza has a team of fashion experts that will help you find the perfect outfit to highlight your beauty and personality. Ítala wants every moment to be special and for your wardrobe to be a reflection of your style and your emotions.

Furthermore, he is not only inspired by fashion, but also by the traditions of his beloved city. Every year, the brand launches an exclusive collection called ‘Ítala se dresses de Cali’, which pays tribute to the iconic Cali Fair.

This connection to local roots is what makes Ítala so special. Each piece of clothing not only makes you feel beautiful, but also It allows you to take a little piece of the culture and joy of Cali with you.

Discover the versatility of Ítala in Jardín Plaza

When it comes to fashion, Itala stands out for offering a wide range of products that embrace the essence of women in all their facets. From elegant jumpsuits to versatile dresses, including classic jeans, pants and skirts.

Looking for an outfit that’s just as comfortable as it is stylish? Jumpsuits are the answer.

With cuts and designs that fit any body type, these are ideal for women who want to look sophisticated without sacrificing comfort. Ítala offers you an option for every occasion.

Another gem in her collection are the dresses. From casual and flowy to elegant evening dresses, The brand offers a variety that satisfies all tastes. Whether you need a dress for an afternoon of shopping with friends or one to dazzle at a special dinner, Ítala has the perfect dress that will make you feel confident and beautiful.

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Itala jeans, pants and skirts are the foundation of any wardrobe. These products are designed to enhance your figure and provide you with comfort throughout the day thanks to their flattering cuts and a wide range of sizes.

From classic jeans that are an essential in any wardrobe to elegant skirts that will make you stand out at any event, Ítala has the perfect bottom garment for you.

Tops, blouses, bodysuits, shirts and t-shirts are the ideal complement to your pants and skirts. With a variety of styles, these garments allow you to express your personality. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated blouse for a work meeting or a bodysuit for a special night out, Itala has the top that fits perfectly with your outfit.

Fashion is not just about clothing, it is also a set of accessories. Itala offers a stunning collection of earrings, bags and footwear that will elevate any outfit.

From earrings that add a touch of sparkle to your ears to bags that are both functional and stylish, these accessories are the key to completing your look with style.

What are you waiting for? Visit Ítala in the new Jardín Plaza hallway, a place where 2 other unique brands in Cali and 4 of the most recognized stores in the city arrived. Thus, Jardin Plaza is consolidated as a place where fashion, sports and fragrances come together.

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