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Megaschool ´El Progreso´ of Yopal, first school in the country to implement the Kindergarten grade – news

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Megaschool ´El Progreso´ of Yopal, first school in the country to implement the Kindergarten grade – news

After complying with all the requirements of the Ministry of Education, the Megacolegio ‘El Progreso’, located in commune V, a populous sector of Yopal, has the endorsement to implement the Kindergarten grade, allowing 4-year-old children to begin their academic training process.

In addition to the Megacolegio ‘El Progreso’, this exercise is being carried out in 13 educational institutions in Yopal, in order to expand coverage by 500 new 4-year-old students, who will enter public educational institutions, guaranteeing quality education. already low cost.

To achieve this objective, for several months, officials from the Ministry of Education and staff from the Megacolegio have been working as a team, and the guidance of professionals from the Ministry of National Education has also been key.

From the Yopal Education Secretariat, an analysis process began to verify which sectors have the most children to begin their studies; With the support of the rectors, it was reviewed which educational institutions had the conditions to provide this educational service and finally with the endorsement of the Ministry of Education, the kindergarten grade in the official educational institutions of Yopal is a reality.

The process

Once the demand for students was identified, a projection was carried out that determined that 20 teachers were required to provide their services in 13 educational institutions in Yopal. Parabably, a negotiation was carried out with the Ministry, so that with national resources an alternate staff of teachers required by Yopal would be financed to teach classes in the kindergarten grade.

Faced with the involvement of teachers, quality education is guaranteed, because each of the 20 were identified by a method taught by the Ministry of Education, where their academic training and professional experience are evaluated, choosing the best.

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At the same time that these processes were carried out, the resources to guarantee the PAE to the 500 new students were negotiated with the UAPA (Special Administrative Unit for School Food). That is, there were 14,300 beneficiaries and now, there are 14,800 students who benefit from this strategy of permanence in the classroom.

“For the municipal administration it is satisfactory to have obtained this achievement as a result of the work of several professionals, whose purpose is to provide a safe environment for minors, quality education and an important learning environment for the cognitive, physical, emotional and social development of the children. children as young as 4 years old,” said David Díaz Sánchez, Secretary of Education of Yopal.

Source: Yopal Mayor’s Office

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