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Mehdi Barsaoui tells a scene from A son (Video)

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Mehdi Barsaoui tells a scene from A son (Video)

“In these scenes, Meriem, the protagonist, has to confess a secret to her husband,” says Mehdi Barsaoui, director of A son. “I wanted to avoid the sensationalistic aspect, so I chose a static shot, without judgments”.

The film tells the story of a Tunisian family living in France. During a stay in their home country, the three are involved in a firefight and their 11-year-old son is seriously injured. To save himself he will need a transplant, but this circumstance will bring out a secret.

Mehdi Barsaoui is a Tunisian director. A sonin cinemas from 21 April distributed by Valmyn, is his first feature film.

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