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Meloni: ‘Ddl Zan sunk from the left’

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“If Parliament elected Silvio Berlusconi as President of the Republic, no one could or should say anything, then we’ll see what happens. The center-right alone does not have the numbers, but they do have them to be the protagonist in this battle and in any case Berlusconi would have the support of the Brothers of Italy ». These are the words of the president of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni at the Justice Fair, underway in Rome.

Yesterday’s vote in the Senate

During the event, the leader returned to speak across the board: from the Zan bill to the situation of the Italian judiciary, from the work of the Minister Cartabia to a close – «On him I do not regret» – on Michetti’s race. On yesterday’s political case in the Senate, Meloni was clear: «The game was open but the Zan bill drowned it out from the left that refused to approve it. The law was too ideological ».

“A law against discrimination against homosexuals was not wanted by the left, it had nothing to do with the fight against discrimination, it was used to produce crimes of opinion, it was used to introduce gender in schools but I remember that the last time it was went to the Senate vote on the bill, the left with an open vote had passed with a single vote. So it means that the left does not have the numbers ».

The common position of the Brothers of Italy and Italia Viva in yesterday’s vote is not to be interpreted as a sign of reorganization of the majority in view of the vote for the Colle: «An axis with Iv? It seems quite futuristic to me », Meloni points out. “I have always believed in the unity of the center-right, because I don’t have a plan B. I go to the government with the center-right or I don’t go there.”

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The criticism of the government also concerned the reform of justice: «I think that the reform of Minister Cartabia is a” Romanella “, as they say in Rome, that is, a facade system that serves to hide the cracks. On all the fundamental issues on a serious problem, in fact, we worked with downward compromises ».

On the judiciary

During the show, the leader was also involved on the issue of justice. In particular, she was asked to talk about the relationship between newspapers and the judiciary, with reference not by chance to the Fanpage investigation on the alleged illegal financing of members of her party: «We have journalists who believe they must take the place of the judiciary. The monster is built, they are methods not of a liberal democracy. Now there is an investigation by the judiciary, the results of which we will know in a few months. Some people have been pilloried. ‘

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