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Meloni to the League on autonomy: “It won’t be an excuse to leave someone behind”

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Meloni to the League on autonomy: “It won’t be an excuse to leave someone behind”

No one will be left behind: this is the message from Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to the Conference of Regions. “Autonomy will serve to overcome the gaps, not to increase them”, he explained speaking in connection from Palazzo Chigi at the first Festival of Regions and Autonomous Provinces underway in Milan, reassuring the governors present that “The government wants to encourage implementation” of differentiated autonomy “rapidly, in a broader framework of reforms to strengthen and modernize the state structure” but “it will never be a pretext for leaving a part of the territory behind”. On the contrary, the prime minister is keen to point out, it will be an opportunity to “improve the efficiency and quality of services” and “bridge the gaps”.

Government, Meloni: “Differentiated autonomy will not be an excuse to leave someone behind”


One of the limitations present up to now in the relationship between the state and the regions have been some “distortions” such as “the reform of title V which has increased conflict on many matters, with all that it entails in terms of delays and efficiency”. The Prime Minister is convinced of this and reiterates: “This government strongly believes in the collaboration between the State, Regions, Autonomous Provinces, local authorities” and wants to “invest heavily in the synergy between all levels” of government because “at this time no one can think to face the challenges we face alone.

The speech to the governors was also an opportunity for the premier to specify that one of the government’s commitments will be to strengthen the National Health System: “The issue of strengthening the NHS is a priority for the government starting from the need to promote medicine of the territory» after the controversies of the last few days on the funds to the Healthcare deemed insufficient. Meloni then returned to the theme of the Pnrr: «The Next Generation Eu is evident that it is no longer sufficient», because «it could not take into consideration the impact that the war in Ukraine has had on our economies. We need to do more today at EU level, starting with expensive energy». In fact, you specified that «The structural critical issues we have to face are the result of short-sighted policies of the past. The European Union and several Member States, including Italy, have preferred to gradually increase the level of dependence on other nations instead of implementing measures for energy independence. Today we pay and we must do what we can to remedy, at least by working on common and structural solutions », she concluded.

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