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Melons. “La Russa? I wouldn’t have entered into the merits”

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Melons.  “La Russa? I wouldn’t have entered into the merits”

After months on the run, the prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, gives herself to journalists in a press conference convened at the end of the NATO summit in Vilnus. From the topics of the summit, up to the war and Italy’s internal thorny cases, such as the case La Russa son and Santanchè, the premier does not skimp on the topics. “In this increasingly uncertain world, this summit has managed to reaffirm one of the certainties we have had in this time. Theunit of the Atlantic Alliance and the determination to defend values and the rules of international law without which none of us would be safe”, Meloni said during the press conference, completing the thought with the need to “defend international law to defend one’s own citizens”.

NATO and Ukraine

“Italy supports the ongoing adaptations of NATO as confirmed by the important contributions in the eastern flank and in the Mediterranean. We claimed our role in the Alliance and the attention that should be given to the eastern flank but asked for also greater attention to the south flank“. Then the issue of Ukraine’s entry into NATO which is particularly close to the heart of Ukrainian president Zelensky. “Important steps forward” have been made for this objective, Meloni assured. The accession process has been streamlined, while reiterating that Ukraine will join NATO when conditions permit.”

“There is no conflict with the judiciary”

Another particularly important topic on which there has been much debate at home is that already identified as a conflict between the government and the judiciary. “I take the opportunity to clarify. There have been many controversies, I have read curious things. There is not from my point of view no conflict with the judiciary. I think anyone who trusts in the return of the clash between politics and the judiciary will be disappointed,” said Meloni. “We have a clear program, a mandate given to us by the citizens, we will implement it because we are people who keep their commitments and we agree that in Italy justice needs corrective measures, it must be made faster, more efficient, it must be and appear impartial,” he assured.

The La Russa case, “I would not have said it”

“As regards the case of Leonardo la Russa, I understand as a mother the suffering of the president of the Senate even if I would not have intervened on the merits of the matter“, said the premier. “I tend to sympathize by nature with a girl who denounces and I don’t worry about timing“, he explained again. But, he added,” it will be necessary to go into the merits, understand exactly what happened and I hope politics can stay out of it“.

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Santanchè case, “complex issue”

“The Santanchè issue is extra-political, it does not concern her activity as a minister which she is doing very well. It is a very complex issue, it must be seen on its merits when the merits are fully knownbut I believe this compete in the courtrooms and not to TV broadcasts. L’an anomaly is that the minister is not notified of the investigation, but a newspaper is notified on the same day that she goes to the Chamber for the report. I’m reporting a procedural problem.”

I limited myself to taking note of what seemed to me to be anomalies, but they are three different cases and each must be evaluated on its own. The Delmastro question objectively struck me a lot, it is a political question, it concerns a government representative in the exercise of his mandate”, said the premier, referring to the fact that the undersecretary Andrea Delmastro delle Vedove, under investigation for disclosure of confidentiality office in relation to the Cospito case, the anarchist detained in the 41 bis, coercively accused by the Gip of Rome despite the request for archiving by the Pm. “The way I see it – said Meloni -, the process of parties and the impartiality of the judge means that the judge should not replace the prosecutor. I say this because I believe this is the meaning of the statements by the Ministry of Justice”.

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