Home News Melons on the roof at the price of gas: “The EU proposal is not enough”. And on migrants: “The borders are defended, I won’t change my mind”

Melons on the roof at the price of gas: “The EU proposal is not enough”. And on migrants: “The borders are defended, I won’t change my mind”

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Melons on the roof at the price of gas: “The EU proposal is not enough”.  And on migrants: “The borders are defended, I won’t change my mind”

From energy to the management of migratory flows up to justice. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni speaks on the sidelines of the EU summit on the Balkans in Tirana, Albania. The issue of energy and the gas price ceiling: “The EU commission’s proposal is not enough”. This was stated by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on the sidelines of the summit in Tirana speaking of the ceiling on the price of gas. “We need to address issues such as stopping the costs of speculation, resources are problematic for us and therefore we are looking for solutions”.
Migrants: priority issue for the EU
On the front of migrants «like Italy we are in pincers. For us, the theme of the Balkan route is very important. For the first time, the European Commission has put the issue of the Mediterranean route as a priority” together with the “defence of the borders. It had never happened. Today, yes. I consider that it happens» also «because Italy has raised the problem». The phenomenon “how it has been managed so far does not solve the problem”. There is obviously the issue of NGO ships: «The government’s position as far as I’m concerned hasn’t changed. Then I realize perfectly that the question should not be addressed in this way. It must be resolved with an approach that cannot be only Italian, and which is not only Italian: moving from a debate that was not very fruitful on the presumed redistribution distance, which was more presumed than real, to an approach whereby the external borders of ‘The EU are defending themselves and trying to distinguish the issue of the humanitarian protection of refugees from that of immigration, which must be managed with the flow decrees”.

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Concerns about the Pnrr
In terms of the economy, «I share the words of President Mattarella. Since the beginning of its mandate, the government has been working tirelessly on the issue of the Pnrr. Clearly, they are important resources, particularly in a phase like the one we are in, but it is important that these resources get to the ground. There are a number of open issues, starting with the increase in raw material costs». There is an emergency for energy prices: «The resources to control the prices of energy bills are objectively problematic in our country and therefore solutions are sought to give a signal that Europe, when serious problems arise, is able to answer concretely. Currently, the Commission’s response does not seem sufficient to me and therefore we are working to improve it”.

The theme of justice
«I think that justice reform is a priority reform in Italy and it seems to me that many agree on this. The approach designed by Nordio is obviously an approach that the government shares». Guarantee and certainty of the sentence as a paolare star: «I remain convinced of the fact that a justice reform must have two main objectives: to guarantee maximum guarantees to suspects and defendants and then guarantee certainty of the sentence once the sentence becomes final . I define myself as a guarantor in the trial celebration phase and a justicialist in the execution phase of the sentence. And I believe that Nordio designs is a mechanism of this type» he explains, adding that “certainly some distortions need to be overcome”. Finally, «the use of interceptions in some cases and the way in which certain interceptions often ended up in the newspapers is a a theme that must be managed carefully. These are questions on which we must think seriously, not ideologically, also open to the contributions of others, but it is certainly one of the great reforms that Italy awaits”.

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Relations with France
“I met Macron but we didn’t have time for a bilateral – Meloni said -. There will be many opportunities to meet in the coming days, we are both in Alicante on Friday for the summit of the Mediterranean countries, there is the European Council next week. After that, relations with France continue, beyond the story that the press makes a bit of it. There are plenty of bilaterals among our ministers ».

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