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Members of the Popayán Council are investigated by the Attorney General’s Office – news

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Members of the Popayán Council are investigated by the Attorney General’s Office – news

The Public Ministry investigates possible irregularities in the creation of the Ciudad Moderna Mixed Public Services company.

The Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Instruction of Cauca seeks to establish, if during the election of the members of the board of directors of the ESP Ciudad Moderna, which should be carried out proportionally to the shareholding composition, Popayán would have been left with a minority of members, despite having a majority shareholding, which could have put state resources at risk.

Likewise, the control entity will review whether there were disproportionate gains for the private sector in the installation of blue zones, and whether the rental of poles for 5G antennas would have been carried out at no cost to them.

The Public Ministry ordered the practice of several tests aimed at clarifying the situation and indicated that this action seeks to determine the occurrence of the conduct, establish whether it constitutes a disciplinary offense and define whether or not it acted under some cause of exclusion of responsibility. .

The Ciudad Moderna Mixed Public Services company, which is in charge of Popayán’s public lighting, was created 30 years ago, in the administration of former mayor Juan Carlos López Castrillón. The majority partner is the Municipality of Popayán; However, and in accordance with the statutes, he remained in the minority on the board of directors. Consequently, those who end up making the decisions in that ESP are the private partners. This company is managed by Juan Carlos Ríos, close to former mayor López Castrillón.

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The current Municipal administration will have to review the statutory, tax and fiscal aspects of Ciudad Moderna, and that the mayor, Juan Carlos Muñoz Bravo, inform the citizens about the real situation of that ESP.

For its part, the Cauca Regional Prosecutor’s Office will delve into the responsibility that may fall to members of the Popayán Council who allowed the Municipality, the largest shareholder, to be at a disadvantage in the board of directors.

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