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Menglian County of Yunnan launches free nucleic acid testing for all employees, and the county will be closed for management_personnel

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Original title: Menglian County, Yunnan will launch free nucleic acid testing for all employees, when the county will be closed for management

The reporter learned on July 11 from the Headquarters of the Leading Group for Response to the New Coronavirus Pneumonia in Menglian County, Pu’er City, Yunnan Province: In order to effectively prevent and control the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the emergency response process for the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Menglian County will be further improved and improved. Nucleic acid testing capabilities and emergency response capabilities, based on research conducted by the Menglian County Leading Group for Response to the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, decided to deal with all residents within Menglian County (including local permanent residents, floating population, and foreign nationals) from July 12 to 14. Personnel, etc.) to carry out a free nucleic acid test for all employees.

At the same time, from 0:00 on July 12th to 24:00 on 14th, Menglian County will implement county-wide closed management, and all personnel shall not enter Menglian unless necessary; personnel within the jurisdiction of Menglian County shall “not go out unless necessary” due to special circumstances If you need to go out, you need to have a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 3 days and a travel approval form. Each township (town) headquarters, county headquarters or city headquarters can issue a travel approval form. According to the date of inspection, the township (town) will be sealed and controlled. From July 12th to 14th, personnel will not be allowed to flow between townships (townships) and townships (towns) in the county. The release time will be announced by the county headquarters. On the day of the nucleic acid test, personnel between communities and village groups within the jurisdiction of the township (town) are not allowed to move, and the cancellation time will be announced by the township (town) headquarters.

Before testing, please take the initiative to declare the “Pu’er Health Code” and “Yunnan Health Code” for quick and efficient inspection and testing. The test results will be fed back through platforms such as “Pu’er Health Code” and “Yunnan Health Code”; please bring your ID card when testing. , Household registration booklet, in principle, use the household as a unit, wear masks throughout the process, do personal protection, queue in an orderly manner, keep a distance of more than 1 meter, avoid gathering and talking to each other, and follow the arrangements of the on-site staff; please leave the sampling site as soon as possible after the test , Do not stay and gather, and take personal protective measures strictly as required.

For those who interfere with or hinder sample collection, maliciously spread rumors, spread false pictures, videos and speeches, causing serious social impact, the public security organs will strictly pursue legal liabilities in accordance with the law.

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