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Mengwangxiang: Building a strong grassroots organization to help rural revitalization

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Original title: Mengwangxiang: Building a strong grassroots organization to help rural revitalization

Mengxiang Township, Menghai County, in consolidating the results of poverty alleviation and continuing to promote rural revitalization, give full play to the fighting fortress role of party organizations at all levels, adhere to the people as the center, fully implement the party’s mass line, and actively organize and widely mobilize party members and cadres Working in unity, through measures such as “consulting” with the masses, “speaking deeply” with the masses, and organizing the masses to “co-evaluate”, etc., we can effectively promote the development of various undertakings in the whole town and help the revitalization of the village.

“Consulting” with the masses

Fully implement the “one post with two responsibilities” responsibilities of leading cadres in party building. Each member of the party and government team is linked to 6 village party branches and at least 3 grassroots party branches. Party branch members of institutions and institutions are linked to at least 2 rural party branches, and 29 party building instructors are adjusted and enriched. At the same time, establish village-level instructors, coordinate with each other, and actively go to the countryside to guide various tasks. Establish and improve a mechanism for self-government by the rural masses at the grass-roots level. Adhere to the decision of the masses, continue to improve the village representative meeting system, improve the villager group meeting system, give full play to the role of the village affairs supervision committee, improve the level of democratic decision-making, and fully implement the “small and micro power list”, “four discussions and two disclosures”, and “one matter, one discussion” “, village rules and folk agreements and other systems. Establish a local talent pool. By going deep into the village, understanding the current situation of the grassroots, discovering and training party members and cadres who have a certain industrial development foundation, a certain professional and practical technology, and a good reputation among the masses, organize and carry out trainings such as good professional quality and vocational skills improvement, and cultivate a group of native talents. Enrich the power of the party branch of young talents and contribute to the development of the township.

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“Speak deeply” with the masses

Carry out activities for leading cadres to take the stage. Strengthen the study of party history through platforms such as “learning to strengthen the country” and “Yunling Pioneer”, organize party building teams, consolidate responsibilities, and give full play to the role of party building instructors. Party building instructors go to the village to guide the party building work at least once a month, focusing on the use of easy-to-understand and down-to-earth methods, as well as the people around them to teach party history to the party members and the masses, to create an atmosphere where everyone learns party history and everyone talks about party history. , Regard the study and education of party history as an important starting point, make the study and education of party history into the brain, and effectively strengthen the “four consciousnesses”, strengthen the “four self-confidence”, and achieve “two safeguards.” Teach students according to their aptitudes, combine the actual situation, provide classified guidance to rural party members and party members of government agencies, enterprises and institutions. In terms of teaching materials, learn textbook knowledge, organize and watch interview shows and documentaries of advanced and typical deeds, give full play to the role of party members, and bravely challenge in work Heavy burdens, and earnestly reflect the advanced nature of party members in their daily work and life.

Organize the masses to “co-evaluate”

In order to further promote the normalization of rural residential environment improvement, encourage cadres and the masses to take the initiative to participate in environmental sanitation improvement, and build beautiful and livable homes together, the township party committee and government have carried out a “big competition” in rural residential environment improvement activities throughout the township. Establish a comparison group, composed of the town’s central stations and village supervisory committee members, go deep into 6 villages to promote the human settlement environment, establish a garbage cleaning and cleaning mechanism, garbage collection, transfer facility management, and harmless rural domestic garbage Quantify and scoring 10 aspects such as treatment, the proportion of innocuous and sanitary household toilet renovation, the construction and maintenance of village roads, beautification and greening, the development of patriotic sanitation campaigns, the improvement of the living environment, the protection of the village and the improvement of the protection of the living environment, etc. The improvement of rural human settlements in townships and villages has been intensified. Establish a “red and black” ranking system. The village group with good improvement effect is listed as “Red List” village, and the group with the lowest improvement effect is listed as “Black List” village. Give full play to the leading role of party members, and cultivate a rural civilized style through activities such as party member responsibility post demonstration area, promise fulfillment, star rating, and point management. (Yu Taowen

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