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Men’s party in Friuli, a petition launched against the ‘banana eating’ competition

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Men’s party in Friuli, a petition launched against the ‘banana eating’ competition

Just the poster of this self-styled Men’s Festival organized in Montaperto di Nimes in Friuli for this evening would be enough to brand as indecently sexist an event that plans to celebrate males with a competition between women who eat bananas that are kindly brought to them by males. waist height.

Patrick Zaki’s petition

But fortunately, while the organizers on Facebook defend their initiative by asserting that “there is nothing wrong” and that, in short, it is nothing more than a goliardata, a collection of fime has already started to ask for the immediate suspension of the so-called race . To sign the petition that also runs online Patrick Zaki, the Egyptian activist. “Organizing a banana eating competition, open to women only, on the occasion of the celebration of the men’s party is completely inappropriate and unacceptable – writes Zaki – I kindly ask everyone to sign the petition to prevent this event from happening”, writes Zaki who is specializing in gender studies in Bologna.

Unfortunately, it is not the first year that the organizers of this festival foresee the banana eating competition. The videos of past editions tell of many girls who kneel in front of a row of men who hold a peeled banana at the pelvis. Whoever manages to eat the most wins. Between jokes and humiliating jokes just watching these videos from past editions that are popular on facebook with girls (almost all very young) who are invited by men “to choose the position”. Hands behind your back and a minute while the men “celebrate” by handing the peeled banana to the girl’s mouth. Who rejoices even if within the allotted time she manages to swallow it all.

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The controversy on social media

But this time the controversy on social media is mounting: Valentina Moroof the Equal Opportunities Commission of Cividale del Friuli, and the blogger Mr. Ellen they clamored for the cancellation of the event and wrote: “The question of the ‘Banana Eaters Competition’ is not yet another goliardic, nice, harmless gimmick, whose only goal is to fill the program. The point of the question is: why what is a celebration for the man translates into a form of oppression, denigration, objectification and sexualization for the woman and of the woman? “.

The reply of the organizers

The promoters of the party do not seem willing to take any step back. The party will take place regularly tonight, that’s for sure. Indeed, in Friuli they are also thinking about how to continue to celebrate in the coming days with a collection of the best “quotes” on the subject. To the critics they reply as follows: “We are reading hundreds of messages that sometimes really make us smile. In the next few days we will collect and publish the most amusing and meaningful ones. Continue to comment with irony and bananosity”. The event, as they define it, also has its own facebook page on which some women also write, not at all humiliated by the obvious sexism of the initiative. As such Manuela: “Give it a laugh every now and then that life is short, let people laugh and have fun”.

A party that has lasted for 45 years

It was just bananas. The event, born in 1977 and therefore now in its 45th edition, is all a flourishing of phallic symbols everywhere, propitiatory rites, dances with the girls dressed as handmaids and the inevitable election of the most masculine David. And then the main course of the banana eating competition with women blindfolded and kneeling in front of a line of men who cheer them on with allusive and offensive phrases of the dignity of any woman. And, unfortunately, there are not even a few to lend themselves, happy to lend themselves ‘to the game’.

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