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Merz on Scholz: “You can’t do it”

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Merz on Scholz: “You can’t do it”

Union parliamentary group leader Merz accuses the traffic light of a failed budget policy. “The house of cards has collapsed,” he says and demands an apology from Scholz.11/28/2023 | 17:07 mins

The government statement on the budget crisis by Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) in the Bundestag on Tuesday caused sharp criticism from the opposition. The Chancellor still left it open when the budget for the coming year would be decided. The Bundestag has postponed the conclusion of the budget discussions. Opposition leader Friedrich Merz then denied Scholz’s authority to become chancellor. “You can’t do it,” he said.

You are a plumber of power.

Friedrich Merz, CDU chairman

The Chancellor has no vision of solving Germany’s problems. The coalition is characterized by “quarrels and conflicts,” said Merz. “It’s just embarrassing what we see and hear from you here.”

Merz rejected demands from top SPD and Green politicians to support a reform of the debt brake in the Bundestag. The Union will stick to the debt brake.

Chancellor Scholz made a government statement in the Bundestag on the current budget crisis. Andrea Maurer summarizes what the Chancellor’s speech contained. November 28, 2023 | 1:05 minutes

Weidel: Need a new government

Meanwhile, AfD leader Alice Weidel called on Scholz to resign.

In this situation, the citizens did not wait for your government statement, Mr. Scholz, but for your resignation.

Alice Weidel, AfD leader

The traffic lights rule against reason, reality and the constitution. “That’s why we need a new government to get out of this crisis swamp. That’s why you open the way for new elections and free this country from the traffic light government.”

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AfD parliamentary group leader Alice Weidel accuses the traffic light of an “unprecedented breach of the constitution”. The government is risking “state bankruptcy,” she says, and is calling for new elections. November 28, 2023 | 8:51 minutes

Weidel criticized the government’s migration, climate, energy and social policies and the spending in these areas. She called the citizen’s money “migrant money” and an “immigration magnet”.

The Federal Constitutional Court’s ruling this week was a bang. It has certified that the traffic light coalition’s budget planning is unconstitutional. Now there is a lack of money.11/19/2023 | 4:05 minutes

Bartsch: Debt brake is an “attack on the future”

Left-wing parliamentary group leader Dietmar Bartsch accuses the government of being “completely unprepared” for the verdict from Karlsruhe.

Germany obviously has a problem with skilled workers, at least when it comes to finance ministers.

Dietmar Bartsch, Left Party leader

“It was Olaf Scholz who had the glorious idea of ​​reallocating the unused Corona aid to the climate and transformation fund. And it was Christian Lindner who waved this constitutional breach through with an announcement,” Bartsch continued.

Left parliamentary group leader Dietmar Bartsch criticizes the federal government’s budget policy. The debt brake prevents necessary investments in the transformation. November 28, 2023 | 6:24 mins

He described the debt brake as an “investment brake” and an “attack on the future”. With the debt brake, the infrastructure will collapse. “We don’t need investments as an exception, but as a rule for the next few decades,” he said.

Government statement on the budget

:Scholz justifies the emergency with war in Ukraine

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The federal government wants to declare a budget emergency again in 2023 and suspend the debt brake. Chancellor Scholz also justifies this with Germany’s aid to Ukraine.

by Dominik Rzepka, Berlin

Source: dpa, AFP, ZDF

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