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Messina, mayor De Luca acquitted in the Caf Fenapi trial

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MESSINA. The mayor of Messina, Cateno De Luca, was acquitted in the trial of first instance with the formula “because the fact does not exist” from the accusation of tax evasion, with a sentence issued by the single judge of Messina, Simona Monforte. With him, 8 other people. The story concerns an alleged tax evasion of one million and 750 thousand euros of Caf Fenapi, of which De Luca was one of the main responsible, highlighted by an investigation by the Finance Police in 2017. For that investigation, De Luca, who he had just been elected to the Sicilian Regional Assembly, he ended up first in prison and then under house arrest. At the end of the indictment of the prosecutor Francesco Massara, last December the Messina prosecutor asked for a three-year prison sentence.
“The eighteenth ordeal ends, for me it was the eighteenth trial – said Cateno De Luca at the end of the trial -. I dedicate this sentence to all the men and women of Fenapi who unjustly underwent criminal trials for ten years because they were considered to belong to a criminal association aimed at tax evasion: this last process I remind everyone led to my arrest and to that of the president of Fenapi ».
The current mayor of Messina, who in recent months has repeatedly declared that he wants to stand as a candidate in the upcoming elections for the president of the Sicilian Region and for this reason would be preparing to resign from the post of mayor, takes it out on the Severino law : «It should be reviewed, mine is an appeal. According to this rule, I had to collect myself in good order while waiting to close the legal proceedings: who would compensate me for ten years of life? I hope that this exemplary story of mine will be used to revise a wicked law ».
De Luca was elected mayor after the investigation and arrest: “This proceeding had a political matrix as it has already emerged and consequently I want to thank the judge who truly had the impartiality and moral stature in the presence of a delicate provision that caused my arrest. I must say thanks to the people of Messina who, despite this trial and my arrest, elected me mayor. The people of Messina were the first to believe in my innocence ».
With De Luca they were acquitted because the fact does not also exist the former mayor of Alì Terme, Carmelo Satta; the former mayor of Santa Teresa Riva, Antonino Bartolotta; two collaborators of De Luca at the Caf, Cristina and Floretana Triolo; the accountant Giuseppe Ciatto; former vice president of the Fenapi board of directors Fabio Nicita; the legal representative of the Caf, Carmelina Cassaniti; the head of the tax area, Francesco Vito. Acquittal also for the Fenapi company itself.

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