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Meticulously organize and implement the race against time to grab the harvest and make every effort to do a good job in the wheat harvest in northern Henan-Chinanews.com

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07:12, June 5, 2023 Source: Henan Daily

  Lou Yangsheng emphasized at the province’s “Three Summers” work special video scheduling meeting

  Meticulously organize and implement race against time for harvesting, make every effort to do a good job in wheat harvesting in northern Henan

  Wang Kai attended

News from our newspaper (reporter Feng Yun and Ma Tao Guixin) On June 4, Lou Yangsheng, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, presided over a special video scheduling meeting for the province’s “three summers” work, listened to the situation report, analyzed and judged the situation, and arranged for the next step of work . Governor Wang Kai made specific arrangements.

Anyang City, Hebi City, Xinxiang City, Jiaozuo City, Puyang City, and Shangqiu City reported on the development of the local “Three Summers” work.

Lou Yangsheng pointed out that the current province’s summer harvest battle has entered a decisive stage. Doing a good job in the summer harvest in northern Henan is related to the summer grain production in our province and to the safety of seeds. Based on robbing, we must do our best to organize the wheat harvest work in northern Henan, minimize losses, and protect the interests of farmers to the greatest extent. First, we must accurately forecast the weather. Closely monitor weather changes, make scientific predictions, real-time research and judgment, and early forecasts, flexibly adjust and optimize harvesting plans, make emergency preparations, take the initiative to fight well, and play the first move well. Second, we must accurately dispatch agricultural machinery. Adhere to the whole province’s game of chess, strengthen the three-level daily scheduling mechanism of the province, city, and county, reasonably set up cross-regional operation service stations, release information to agricultural machinery operators in a timely manner, strengthen road guidance, and do a good job in field drainage in advance to guide combine harvesters to move in place and efficiently. Sequential operations, so that all receivables are collected and receivables are collected quickly. Third, we must carefully organize. Taking the battle of Xia Harvest as an important examination room to test the ability and style, the main leaders should grasp the front and grasp it personally, and the leaders in charge should grasp it concretely and in-depth. Putting the protection of farmers’ interests at the top of the priority list, dispatching additional staff and intensifying work efforts, insisting on quick settlement of claims and making full compensation, and striving to pay the financial subsidy funds in place in the shortest possible time, so as to protect and mobilize farmers’ enthusiasm for growing grain. Taking seed safety as an important task, priority is given to dispatching and harvesting of seed fields, priority to drying and drying, and priority to vacating warehouses for storage. While rushing to harvest, rush to plant, coordinate and do a good job in agricultural resource allocation and storage, price guarantee and stable supply, and do everything possible to ensure that autumn grain is timely. Sowing seeds contributes to ensuring national food security.

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Wang Kai emphasized that meteorological services should be strengthened and more precise, weather monitoring and consultation and judgment should be further strengthened, and weather information should be pushed accurately and targeted to provide services for scientific organizations to collect. The scheduling of agricultural machinery should be more scientific and precise, orderly mobilize machinery according to the harvest progress, strengthen the safe transfer of agricultural machinery, and ensure the full use of harvesting machinery. The harvesting in northern Henan should be done early and tackled early, scientifically organized in accordance with the order of harvesting, concentrated and surprise harvesting during the intermittent period of rainfall, and playing the role of the village working team and emergency harvesting service team, and doing everything possible to achieve fast harvesting. For drying and drying, it is necessary to tap the potential and intensify again, make good use of the drying equipment, increase the purchase of wet grain, and carry out drying and storage in a timely manner. Autumn sowing seeds should be harvested first and ensured. Pay close attention to the situation of the seed fields, prioritize the dispatch of agricultural machinery, prioritize the organization of harvesting, prioritize drying and drying, classify and batch testing, and store in single warehouses to ensure the use of autumn sowing wheat seeds. The purchase and storage of summer grain should be done through multiple channels, with a good bottom line, scientifically set up purchase warehouses, strengthen classified purchases, special storage and sales, and help farmers to sell grain conveniently and smoothly. Insurance claims should be carried out early and quickly in place, and the disaster situation should be quickly checked to improve the efficiency of claims and minimize the losses of farmers.

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Each provincial city and Jiyuan Demonstration Zone set up video sub-venues. Zhou Ji, Sun Shougang, Jiang Ling, Wang Zhanying, Chen Xing, An Wei, Zhang Jianhui, Zheng Haiyang and Liu Shangjin attended.

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