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Miami businesses open offices in Havana

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Miami businesses open offices in Havana

Miami businesses open offices in Havana, raising questions among Cuban exiles

Despite the ongoing political tensions between Cuba and the United States, some Miami-based businesses founded by Cuban-Americans have made the decision to invest in the island and even open offices in Havana.

According to the media outlet Cubanos por el Mundo, Cubamax, a Miami-based company, recently inaugurated its offices in the Cuban capital. This move has sparked concerns within the Cuban exile community, especially given the location of Cubamax’s offices in the same building as Katapulk, a company owned by Cuban-American businessman Hugo Cancio, known for its commercial ties with the Cuban government.

The Cuban presenter Alex Otaola, in his program Hola! Ota-Ola, highlighted the suspicions raised by this situation. Exiles are questioning how a company based in the United States, presumably opposed to the political regime in Cuba, can share a physical space with an entity that collaborates with the government of the island.

Furthermore, doubts about Cubamax’s operations in Cuba are amplified considering the restrictions that American companies face when conducting business on the island due to the economic embargo imposed by the US government.

While Cubamax primarily focuses on organizing trips to Cuba, the company also offers a wide range of services such as facilitating remittances to the island, ETECSA telephone recharges, and the sale and shipping of equipment to Cuba.

The decision of Miami businesses to establish a presence in Havana has raised eyebrows and sparked a debate within the Cuban exile community about the potential implications of such investments in a politically charged environment. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.

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