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Micro video丨Understand the deep feelings in the General Secretary’s “New Year’s greetings” – China Daily

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General Secretary Xi Jinping Expresses Warm New Year Greetings to the Chinese People

With the arrival of the Spring Festival, the most important traditional festival of the Chinese people, General Secretary Xi Jinping has once again delivered important speeches at group gatherings to pay New Year greetings to people of all ethnic groups across the country, compatriots in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and overseas Chinese.

In his address, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of family and patriotism, encapsulated in the phrase “Be filial at home and be loyal to the country”, which reflects the emotional connection between family and love for the country.

The theme of “struggle” has been a consistent and prominent aspect of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speeches at the Spring Festival group visit, reflecting the dedication and commitment of the Chinese people towards building a better future.

Throughout his speeches, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized the significance of the people, highlighting the deep and profound connection between the Chinese Communist Party and the people, as well as the original mission of the party in the new era.

The speeches have been a source of inspiration and encouragement, touching the hearts of millions of Chinese people and instilling a sense of warmth, hope, and determination for the year ahead.

The production team responsible for bringing these heartwarming greetings to the public includes Chief Planner Liu Jian, Planner Xu Zhuangzhi, Producer Sun Zhiping, Producer Fan Hua, Editor-in-Chief Yang Yong and Yang Yunyan, Director Wang Hongliu, and Voiced by Wang Shuailong. Reporters Xue Chen, Zhou Lei, and Pan Zhiwei have also contributed to this effort.

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These inspiring speeches delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping have been produced by the Xinhua News Agency Audio and Video Department and Xinhua News Agency, with the editorial team led by Yu Han.

The speeches are filled with a strong sense of the New Year, resonating with everyone who has returned home and providing a sense of warmth and encouragement for the year ahead.

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