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Milagro swept, Mario Durán won and Will Salgado was fired from San Miguel

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The mayor of Ancient Cuscatlán, Milagro Navas swept away Freedom East and decisively defeated the candidate for New Ideas, Michelle Sol.

After declaring the winner, Milagro Navas invited the population to celebrate the victory at 9:00 pm on Sunday in the park of Ancient Cuscatlán, still without official data. The Minister of Housing and political “dolphin” of Nuevas Ideas, Michelle Solaccepted defeat and congratulated his opponent.

“The trend is very clear, perhaps we will win with 70 or 75%,” Navas told journalists while being cheered by a crowd in Antiguo Cuscatlán. She also assured that at the Pedro Pablo Castillo voting center in Nuevo Cuscatlán, the place where she broadcast Michelle Sol’s vote, ARENA won at all the polls, “we didn’t lose a single one,” she explained.

For his part, the Nuevas Ideas candidate for San Salvador Centro, the mayor of San Salvador, Mario Durán, without official data, declared himself the winner of Sunday’s municipal elections.

Starting in May 2024, the municipality of San Salvador Centro will include the districts of San Salvador, Mejicanos, Ayutuxtepeque, Cuscatancingo and Ciudad Delgado.

Will Salgado was given “Las Golondrinas” in San Miguel, where his brother did not win the congressmanship on February 4, ending a political dynasty in the east of several decades.

The candidate for the Christian Democratic Party (PDC) published on X’s account: “The Migueleños decided to turn the page and leave the dark past behind.” Will Salgado of the Nuevas Ideas-Gana coalition loses the election.

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Salgado did not comment on his defeat on social media or to the press.

The municipality of San Miguel Centro includes San Miguel, Comacarán, Uluazapa, Moncagua, Quelepa and Chirilagua and will be governed by candidate Alex Torres, of the Christian Democratic Party (PDC), who was also unofficially declared the winner.

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