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Milleorti restarts for Tourism – Environment

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Milleorti restarts for Tourism – Environment

The initiative born from the collaboration between the Rimini company Alberghi.it, the Crescere Insieme Odv association and the social cooperative Il Millepiedi returns for the fourth consecutive year. Thanks to the support of around twenty hotels located on the Romagna Riviera and present on the hotel promotion portal Alberghi.itthe world of tourism is committed to social sustainability by sharing the adoption of some vegetable gardens at the Inclusive Green Area of ​​Casa Macanno in Rimini, financially supported from 2023 also by the Municipality of Rimini

The gardens are looked after by people with intellectual disabilities of various kinds, guided by three educators. While preparing the harvest, different skills are stimulated starting from the potential of each one: from the ability to collaborate with others to the small mathematical calculations necessary to respect the distance between plants, from time management to understanding seasonal rhythms.

The objective is to prepare for working autonomy that will guarantee a dignified future for everyone, based on knowledge of their own aptitudes, abilities and limits.

«In these 6 years of Milleorti per la Città, a project in which Milleorti per il Turismo will be part of from 2021 – says Eugenio Quartulli, educator of the Il Millepiedi cooperative and coordinator of the working group – we have seen many small miracles happen. There are people who have flourished through the relationships that were born here, others who have learned to discipline themselves or express themselves.»

In the Inclusive Area of ​​Casa Macanno, attention is paid to people, but also to the environment. The land is cultivated according to the principles of the synergistic garden, chemical pesticides are avoided and water is saved as much as possible through controlled irrigation and traditional techniques such as mulching.

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Now we are working on the next objectives, such as rainwater collection and collaboration with schools for school-work alternation projects, but the biggest challenge remains that of hiring. «I would like to see a network created that can reassure hotels that intend to hire or offer internships to these kids. They can be valid workers and would be supported for as long as necessary by a tutor-educator so as not to put the hotelier/company that wants to employ them in difficulty.»

«We have been making our hoteliers aware of the topic of hiring for some time – comments Lucio Bonini, founding partner of Alberghi.it with Andrea Sacchetti – but the short time of the summer season can complicate the management of a possible job placement. In this situation, the presence of a tutor who supports the person with disabilities, encouraging their inclusion in the work staff, mediating communication and optimizing working times is fundamental.”

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