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Mimmo Lucano: “Minister Piantedosi’s words are serious” – breaking latest news

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Mimmo Lucano: “Minister Piantedosi’s words are serious” – breaking latest news

“The West, with its policies, obliges thousands of human beings to have the only solution to undertake journeys of hope which are then journeys of tragedy. They are physiological tragedies in a Europe that raises walls and barbed wire and then blame game”. This was stated by the former mayor of Riace, Mimmo Lucano, a forerunner of welcoming migrants, speaking with journalists in Crotone on the sidelines of the candlelight vigil in memory of the victims of the shipwreck on Sunday morning.
“I feel ashamed – added Lucano – for what happened. In any case, we are increasingly aware that these tragedies would be avoidable. For me, migrants have been precious citizens who have made places reborn. I still think today that hospitality is a road to follow, provided that the rules are not always oriented towards penalizing and rejecting.
What are we afraid of? They created the fear industry in the media.”
Lucano referred in particular to what Minister Piantedosi said during his visit to Crotone, according to which “despair cannot justify travel conditions that endanger the lives of one’s children”.
“Those of Piantedosi – said Lucano – are dramatic and serious words. As if people annoyed us. People, on the other hand, are all precious citizens. In Calabria, among other things, there is a regional law which provides for the development of internal areas through the reception of refugees. A law which was also recognized by the UNHCR, but which remained a dead letter. It indicated a humane and respectful solution for those who are forced to undertake long journeys to get away from of danger. Let’s assume our responsibilities when we are faced with the enormous enormous drama that took place on Sunday”.
“The minister’s words – continued the former mayor of Riace – actually express the typical selfishness of a society that is not indignant about racism and says it is upset only because what has happened disturbs our tranquility and our privileges”.

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