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Mindeporte and Mintic ask Win Sports to allow the broadcast of the final

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Mindeporte and Mintic ask Win Sports to allow the broadcast of the final

The world came crashing down on Win Sports: The channel that owns the sports rights in Colombia is against a rock and a hard place due to the refusal to broadcast the games on a giant screen in different public squares in Medellín and Bogotá.

The incident caused outrage and It was taken as an anti-populist measure that at this time has faced the channel against the Mayor’s Office of Medellín and the Mayor’s Office of Bogotáheaded by Daniel Quintero Calle and the mayoress Claudia López.

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The discussion has already reached the national order and different ministries have spoken out against Win Sportsasking them to reconsider and allow the game to be broadcast on giant screens so that people can see it in community and enjoy the football party.

Mintic pronounces on the refusal of Win Sports

“I respectfully invite Win Sports TV to consider the possibility that the Colombian soccer final can be broadcast in public and popular places”said Mauricio Lizcano, Ministry of Information Technology and Communications of Colombia.

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Although the Minister of Sports Astrid Rodríguez has not ruled on the matter, she did participate in the petition by sharing Mauricio Lizcano’s call on her profile. So things, there will be little left for the discussion to escalate to the Presidency and it will be Gustavo Petro himself who will rule and intercede for the request that different estates make today in favor of a public spectacle.

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“I have been telling you for weeks of the interest of the Petro government in a football model for all, with FPC matches on public and regional channels… Today WIN gave him papaya to warm up that issue,” journalist Alejandro Pino Calaad commented on his networks.

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