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Minister Hauk warns against consumption

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Minister Hauk warns against consumption

Baden-Württemberg. “Hot chips” are a phenomenon, especially on the Internet, because of their spiciness. However, after incidents, emergency medical calls and food warnings, Consumer Minister Peter Hauk (CDU) appeals to children and young people not to eat any of these extremely hot tortilla chips and to refrain from trying their luck with them. “Hot chips” are also no longer allowed to be sold in Baden-Württemberg. According to its own information, the ministry has instructed the lower food control authorities to “impose a traffic ban on the product regardless of batch according to the precautionary principle”.

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“Sharp eating championships are not new,” said Hauk. The current trend of a so-called hot chip challenge is a “very dangerous hype”. It’s not just children and young people who risk becoming so injured that they need to be treated in hospital. “That’s why I appeal to parents to make their children aware of the dangers of this test of courage,” said Hauk.

The food monitoring agency also checked products that were tried in the “Hot Chip Challenge”. “The hot chip is particularly dangerous because the spiciness level is different for each chip,” said Hauk. However, the sharpness cannot be seen.

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Extremely Spicy Chips: Recalled due to health risk

Published04.11.2023By dpa

In the “Hot Chip Challenge” circulating on social media, participants challenge themselves to eat particularly spicy corn tortilla chips. There are numerous videos on the Internet of people taking part in the test of courage. There are many children and young people among them.

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The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) had already warned against consuming such chips and other extremely spicy foods in September. Excessive consumption of spicy foods can lead to “serious health problems”. “In the past, cases have repeatedly been reported in which undesirable effects such as irritation of the mucous membranes, nausea, vomiting and high blood pressure were observed,” the institute said. According to the police, young people at a school in Dortmund and in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district, among others, suffered health problems after eating such a chip, according to the police.

Batches of extremely hot chips have now been recalled in numerous federal states, including Baden-Württemberg. The substance comes from chili peppers. dpa

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