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Minister of Culture and Mayor Virna Johnson participated in ‘Carnival discussion’

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Minister of Culture and Mayor Virna Johnson participated in ‘Carnival discussion’

In the conversation held ‘The dance house‘, was present Alcaldesa Virna Johnson together with the Minister of Culture Patricia Ariza Flores,  y Yunia PalaciosSecretary of Culture, who enjoyed the history of Carnival, and which every year has been carried out with responsibility and good organization, to continue exalting this tradition.

On the other hand, Cultural Managers were present, the queens of the foundations Funcarpes, Fundapescaito, Fundación pescaíto dorado, Funcarsan, light foundation, southern carnival, Saint Agathon y Fundaculturatogether with the momo kings to start a single Carnival.

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The Mayor started the event with some emotional words mentioning the following: “The invitation to this conversation is another of the spaces that we have opened in the district to continue seeking the preservation of our traditions”

Anahy mourad People’s Queen of the year 2022.

Secondly, the Minister of Culture was happy and satisfied to make her part of this event and to be back in the Capital of Magdalenaenjoying the history of Carnival and this beautiful tradition that lives representing us year after year.

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The event is held every year in order to bring together all the people who are part of the Carnival and enjoy what it represents with their baileysartists and others.

District Mayor of Santa Marta, Viena Johnson in an emotional embrace with the Minister of Culture Patricia Ariza

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The Secretary of Culture raised his voice to thank all the participants in this carnival event and for their presence at the Casa de la Cultura, which showed a commitment in organizing this tradition, likewise he offered thanks and congratulations to the exhibitors for accepting the invitation to the conversation to remember and learn more about the ‘History of Carnival’.

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Momo queens, kings and guests enjoyed the conversation at the ‘House of Culture’.

He current manager of the Cultural Area of ​​Banco de la República, Joaquin Viloria de la Hozhistorian, narrated a journey about the first dances in the Caribbean in the middle of the 18th century where he made reference to the revelry as popular dances where “Indians, mestizos, blacks and other people” coincided, who danced “making inappropriate movements.” On the other hand, he highlighted that this type of dance Africans They were held in squares and streets where the dances were divided into three factors: 1 The of the youth of society, 2. The one of the petty bourgeoisie y 3 The popular ‘cumbiamba‘. De la Hoz recounted that the first dances included waltz, corridors and others, when dawn arrived the men ended up attending the popular festivals in the midst of great revelry and merriment.

He Historian He was very grateful for the invitation to the discussion on the ‘History of Carnival’ exalting what Santa Marta and its heritage represents, spaces such as the Casa de la Danza promoted by Carlos Vivesthrough its ‘After the Pearl’ Foundation.

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