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Ministry of Public Security: Always maintain a high-pressure situation on the crime of illegally operating medical insurance and recycling drugs

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  Ministry of Public Security: Always maintain a high pressure on the crime of illegally operating medical insurance and recycling drugs

The Ministry of Public Security held a press conference on October 8 to report on the work measures and results of the special rectification action against fraudulent insurance in accordance with the law in conjunction with the National Medical Insurance Bureau and the National Health Commission.

Xu Chenglei, the second-level inspector of the Food and Drug Crime Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, introduced that due to the large profit margin between the purchase price and the resale price of medicines recovered by medical insurance, some criminals are driven by interests and adopt various methods to engage in illegal operation of medical insurance. Criminal activity of recycling drugs. At present, this type of crime mainly presents the following characteristics: First, there are various illegal recovery methods. Some criminals buy medicines at stalls around the hospital, some use medical insurance cards to defraud medicines directly from the hospital, and a small number of criminals collude. Pharmaceutical institutions, medical insurance designated pharmacies or their staff cooperate to prescribe drugs by fraud. The second is the professionalization and ganging of criminal activities. Criminal gangs often have a large number of members and a clear division of labor, forming a huge criminal network. They will sell medicines that are illegally recovered at low prices from large and medium-sized cities with abundant medical resources and sell them for profit after increasing the prices. Third, the drugs involved in the case are mostly drugs for chronic diseases. Chinese medicine injections, Chinese medicinal materials, especially nourishing Chinese medicinal materials with higher monomer prices, also account for a certain proportion. Fourth, the use of Internet instant messaging means collusion is becoming more and more obvious.

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In response to the characteristics of such crimes, the Ministry of Public Security deployed public security agencies across the country to carry out the “Kunlun” operation as an important measure of “I do practical things for the masses”. “Elements, all links, and the whole chain” were cracked down in accordance with the law, and a number of important cases were detected in a concentrated manner, which effectively deterred such criminal activities and safeguarded drug safety and medical insurance.fundSafety. According to statistics, since 2021, the food and drug investigation departments of the public security organs have detected more than 300 cases of illegally operating medical insurance drugs, arrested more than 1,000 criminal suspects, and involved more than 1.16 billion yuan.

Xu Chenglei said that in the next step, the public security organs will work closely with relevant administrative departments to strengthen the connection of executions, deepen special crackdowns and rectification actions, continue to improve the long-term mechanism for cracking down on illegal crimes, and effectively safeguard the safety of the national medical insurance fund and drug management. order. It also reminds everyone to increase their awareness of the rule of law and safety, and do the “three nos”, that is, do not buy drugs from illegal channels, do not sell excess drugs to illegal drug collectors, and do not give or rent medical insurance cards and special disease certificates. Custody of professional card collectors and even participate in fraudulently prescribing drugs. It is an illegal act to resell medical insurance and reclaim drugs without a drug business license, and those who are suspected of committing a crime will be investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with the law. If you find clues of such crimes, please report to the public security organs in time.

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