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Ministry of Science and Technology Holds 2022 National Disruptive Technology Innovation Competition-Sinochem News

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Source: Sinochem New Website July 6, 2022

According to the website of the Ministry of Science and Technology on July 5, the Ministry of Science and Technology decided to hold the 2022 National Disruptive Technology Innovation Competition.

According to the introduction of the Ministry of Science and Technology, this competition adopts two methods of “open audition” and “revelation of the list” to openly solicit projects with disruptive technology signs to participate in the competition. An alternative library of disruptive technologies. The registration deadline for this competition is August 15, 2022, and the finals will be held from November to December 2022.

Disruptive technology is an innovative technology that “can change the rules of the game”. It is based on innovative thinking and opens up a new technology development model. When it develops to a certain stage, it will surpass the original technology and replace it, and it has an evolutionary curve that changes the technological track in another way. and transformative effects that upend the status quo. From a technical point of view, it is based on the new principles, new combinations and new applications of science and technology to open up a new technological track and generate breakthrough innovative technologies; from an industrial point of view, it should be closely integrated with the industry, Products or new models use technological innovation to drive industrial upgrading, change mainstream products and market patterns in the industry, and promote revolutionary and subversive progress in related industries and even the global economy.

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The public audition focuses on technology fields that may produce major disruptive breakthroughs, such as integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, future networks and communications, biotechnology, new materials, green technologies, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, and interdisciplinary disciplines. The unveiling of the list is composed of four links: list release, key recommendation, preliminary screening of projects, and on-site competition.

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