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Mirith Lafaurie, leads voting intention in Cerro de San Antonio

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Mirith Lafaurie, leads voting intention in Cerro de San Antonio

Thanks to the concrete proposals that have been considered the most beneficial for the community of the municipality of Cerro de San Antonio, Magdalena, the former social manager Mirith Lafaurie, has been leading the intention to vote to become mayor in the next elections.

This was evidenced in a recent virtual survey carried out by the media, Noticiario Cerro, which, the new political alternative of the riverside town led with a total of 684 votes, who is already widely detached from the squad of candidates who aspire to the first position administration of the municipality.

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The same poll places the current councilor and recognized political leader, José Zapata, in second position who reached a total of 346, followed by the doctor, Agustín Segundo Martínez, with 284.

Given these results, the inhabitants of this municipality already predict that the strong contest will be between the first two, knowing that Lafourie has wide acceptance among the community, mainly the female gender, including mothers head of household, community leaders , members of the fishermen’s union, and vendors, among others.

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It was learned through a close friend of the leader’s work group that she will continue working on her agenda, which includes meetings with leaders in different sectors of the population, including her rural area.

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