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Modern version of “Fuchun Mountain Residence” | Chixi Village “Weak Birds Fly First”

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  Editor’s note: On September 21, 2018, the 19th Politburo of the Central Committee conducted a collective study with the theme of “Implementing Rural Revitalization Strategy”. At the meeting, General Secretary Xi Jinping profoundly pointed out that “it is necessary to scientifically grasp the differences of the villages, adopt measures to the village conditions, and accurately implement policies to create a modern version of the “Fuchun Mountain Habitat” with its own characteristics.”

Nowadays, the modern version of “Living in Fuchun Mountains” drawn in the heart of General Secretary Xi Jinping is gradually showing up in the land of China. Life is rushing, the countryside is beautiful, the countryside is moisturized, and the industry is modernized…The villages are beautiful and butterfly change, and the fertile fields show new looks. The more and more three-dimensional rural landscape makes people intuitively feel the development of China in the new era and the continuous improvement of the folks. Happiness.

If the nation is to rejuvenate, the countryside must be rejuvenated. The “Learning Everyday” column of CCTV.com has launched a specially planned “Modern Version of “Fuchun Mountain Residence”, to perceive the rural changes in the new era with you.

It’s another year of autumn breeze, not like spring, better than spring.

Chixi Village, located in the southwestern foothills of Taimu Mountain, the “Xiandu on the Sea”, is still full of greenery and fragrant with birds and flowers. The clear blue mountain stream and the flowing Jiuli stream surround the village, the morning mist is like yarn, the sunset is like flames, the birds are chirping, and the mountain streams are gurgling.

In the shadow of the trees, the Chixi Village with white walls and black tiles is permeated with a strong She ethnic style. The Hui-style dwellings raise their horse head walls high and complement each other with the green tea hills outside the village.

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  The stone monument of “China’s First Village for Poverty Alleviation” stands at the entrance of the village.

From the “first village for poverty alleviation in China”, which was “raised by the boudoirs,” to the “treasure” well-off village in the “third batch of national key rural tourism villages”, Chixi Village in Ningde, Fujian has become a village in my country who has worked hard to get rid of poverty. A vivid epitome of building a well-off society in an all-round way.

General Secretary Xi Jinping has always been concerned about Chixi Village.

At the beginning of 2015, General Secretary Xi Jinping gave important instructions on the achievements of Chixi Village in Ningde in poverty alleviation.

On February 19, 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in a video connection with the leaders and representatives of Chixi Village: “I said in Ningde, dripping water through rocks, for a long time to work, weak birds fly first, you did it.”

  The former thatched house in Xiashanxi Natural Village.

The former Chixi Village, which integrated “old, young, marginal and poor”, was synonymous with poverty. More than 280 villagers live scattered in 14 remote She nationality villages with “five barriers”, with an annual per capita net income of only 166 yuan. They live a hard life of “every family in bamboo huts.”

In 1988, when Xi Jinping, then secretary of the Ningde Prefectural Committee, arrived, he thought about and rushed for the “three dreams” of Mindong.

“The key to the development path of Mindong lies in how the two wheels of agriculture and industry turn. We are poor in’agriculture’, and we can only be rich in’agriculture’.”

At that time, Xi Jinping started with in-depth research, established the “four lower grassroots” system, put forward the concept of “weak birds fly first”, advocated the spirit of “dropping water through rocks”, focusing on improving regional infrastructure and people’s living standards, and determined to lead The people of Mindong got rid of poverty.

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  In the spring of 1995, the whole village of Xiashanxi Natural Village was relocated to Chixi Village, the first in the country to start the “benefit project” of poverty alleviation and development.

With the support of the party’s poverty alleviation policy, Chixi Village has a magnificent “butterfly change”. 10 years of “blood transfusion” in-situ poverty alleviation, 10 years of “transfusion” relocation and change, 10 years of “blood-making” “tourism + industry” seeking wealth, more than 30 years, from getting rid of poverty to becoming well-off, from suffering Lost to the dream of flying, Chixi’s change fully confirmed the development dialectics of “weak birds fly first, come first, and come first”, and strongly witnessed the struggle of “dripping water through rocks and long-term success”.

  At the entrance of Chixi Village.

In Chixi Village today, the beautiful vision of “a rich tourist village, a strong agricultural village, a cultural village, and an ecological beauty village” is spreading before our eyes.

The country is roaming.

Glass plank roads, grass sliding, rafting… one by one tourism and leisure projects have attracted many tourists. The villagers showed their magical powers, white tea shops, specialty shops, homestays, farmhouses…commercial shops one after another.

The tea industry is booming.

“The world’s white tea is in China, and Chinese white tea is in Fuding.” Fengxi Town, including Chixi Village, is recognized as the most high-quality growing area of ​​Fuding white tea. In order to better promote the production and transportation of white tea, Chixi Village built a road leading to the village to open up the “lifeblood” of development. More than 5,000 acres of tea gardens have tea mountain roads, and more Chixi tea leaves the country and the world.

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The culture is constantly “new”.

In the ancient dwellings with a history of more than 400 years, Zhong Limei, the master of the homestay, often wears a phoenix costume, dyeing fabrics and weaving hats in the bright sunlight, giving the She family a unique charm. Now, not only has she become the leader of She Village tourism, she has taken the lead in the establishment of the She Song duet team, and she has also organized women to participate in women’s entrepreneurial clubs, and her life is prosperous and prosperous.

The villagers served the “ecological bowl”.

In a bay of Jiuli Creek, five or six bamboo rafts lined up in a row on the calm water. The bamboo poles pushed aside the mirror-like water, and the waves swayed around slowly, startling a group of egrets on the shore. In Chixi today, characteristic agriculture and eco-tourism complement each other, and continue to be full of vitality. The pace of revitalization of the win-win countryside of green waters and green mountains and Jinshan Yinshan is accelerating.


Chixi, a beautiful village where landscape and culture are integrated and developed, is born, happy, and prospered by streams.

The figures are the most powerful explanation. In 2020, the collective economic income of Chixi Village will be 2.15 million yuan, the per capita disposable income will be 30,127 yuan, the income of tourism-related industries will be more than 22 million yuan, and the income of characteristic agriculture will reach 17.2 million yuan.

Today, Chixi, which is on the road to rural revitalization, is gaining more and more attention with its increasingly beautiful rural landscape.

(China Central Radio and Television Station CCTV Network)

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