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Modernized IED Nuevo Amanecer con Dios delivered in Timayuí

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Modernized IED Nuevo Amanecer con Dios delivered in Timayuí

The inhabitants of the Timayuí neighborhood received the new face of the IED Nuevo Amanecer con Dios that was put into operation by the district mayor’s office. The facilities went from being a stack of tables grouped together in a small space to become a mega educational infrastructure that will benefit more than a thousand children in the city. The new school has with preschool, primary and secondary classroomsa library, laboratory, computer room, two multipurpose courts, kitchen, dining room, administrative area, perimeter fence, all thanks to the joint effort between the District Mayor’s Office and the Ministry of Education.

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“We never stop insisting on the Ministry of Education the importance that this school deserved. We knew the great need of children and young people in the sector. The District put the 30% of the resource for this school and also all the endowment, we are very happy, we welcome 1,130 students who waited so long for it”, said the Mayor.

The district president, Virna Johnson, uncovering the plaque that accredits the new headquarters of the IED Nuevo Amanecer con Dios.

The president explained that They installed all the desks, boards, laboratory elementsthe tables of the student dining room, to provide each of the children and adolescents with the guarantees to access a quality education.

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Olga Bustamante, community representative, highlighted the management carried out by the district administration to deliver this new educational center to the Samarians. “Today we see our dream come true It is a privilege to have it and enjoy one of the best schools in the District of Santa Marta”, he said.

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Children and parents massively attended this event that benefits the inhabitants of Timayui.

The district administration continues to promote education as a key piece for social transformation and the improvement of the living conditions of the inhabitants of Santa Marta.

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The new IED Nuevo Amanecer con Dios will allow the children and youth of the Timayui neighborhood to continue receiving high-quality education.

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