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Morales and Tulio, the ones that most attract the political class

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Morales and Tulio, the ones that most attract the political class

In most of the popular elections for mayors in Cali, the political class has been decisive in defining the winner. However, some candidates have emerged victorious without the support of the electoral machines.

Four mayors: Ricardo Cobo, Jhon Maro Rodríguez, Apolinar Salcedo and Jorge Iván Ospina -in their first election- managed to defeat contenders who had the majority support of councilors, deputies and congressmen at the polls…

In the other seven ballots, the winner was the candidate with the most machines.

In the 2019 elections, the political class of Cali was divided almost in half between the then candidates Jorge Iván Ospina and Roberto Ortiz, and in this campaign that is beginning it is not very clear who of all the candidates can gather the most political support.

There are at least 15 pre-candidates in the rattle and several of them are planning to talk with the political bosses in search of support, but the councilors, deputies and congressmen are quite elusive, they do not want to commit themselves, because it is still not clear towards who will incline the electoral preferences of the caleños.

As is hardly obvious, everyone wants to bet on the winner and is therefore waiting to see the first polls.

However, as seen so far, there are two pre-candidates who have greater sympathy among the political class and who, if the meetings with political leaders interested in listening to them were quantified, would have an advantage over the others: Hernando Morales and Tulio Gómez.

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It is clear that the renowned lawyer generates trust in a large part of the political class, since, due to his professional work, he has interacted with the vast majority and, unlike others, he does not have to convince politicians of his seriousness.

For his part, the businessman and sports leader draws attention for his role as president of America, which leads many to assume that he will be electorally attractive to the red fans.

Who will get most of the backing of the machines? This time the winner will be the one who adds the most politicians to his campaign or, on the contrary, will that be frowned upon by the unpredictable caleño electorate? This is just beginning.


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