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More human feelings and less debts of human feelings_ Securities Times Network

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Recently, eight departments, including the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, are carrying out special treatment of prominent problems in key areas of rural migration. In recent years, various localities have taken measures to promote the change of customs in rural areas, and the comparison style, human style style, and luxury style have been curbed to a certain extent. However, stereotypes and bad habits such as high-priced dowry, human-relationship comparison, heavy burial and low-support, extravagance and waste still exist in many areas. In the face of these bad habits, some farmers reacted strongly, and many people complained of suffering.

To sum up, there are basically four problems: First, asking for and showing off high-priced betrothal gifts has become a heavy burden for many rural families; second, there are various types of human favor gifts, and the amount is not small; Feudal superstition; fourth, blindly comparing and pursuing grades and scales such as holding banquets, resulting in serious waste. These bad habits, euphemistically called traditional respect for etiquette, actually cost the people and money.

The countryside needs to be more human and less human debt. The normal etiquette exchanges are beyond reproach, but the old rules and bad habits are unacceptable. Many people are coerced by the so-called human relationships, and they are reluctant but involuntarily. These stereotypes and bad habits have become “stumbling blocks” on the road to rural revitalization and must be opposed clearly. Promoting the change of customs in rural areas is ultimately to safeguard the interests of the farmers themselves. On the one hand, it is conducive to reducing the burden on farmers, consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization; sense.

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Outdated conventions and bad habits reflect some shortcomings in the current rural construction, among which the more prominent is that the rural public services are not perfect. For example, there is a lack of public welfare marriage and dating platforms in rural areas, and some families with poor economic conditions and few social relations are easily deceived. Due to the lack of economic strength, many village collectives have little investment in nursing homes, canteens for the elderly, cultural facilities, etc., and it is difficult to provide various convenient services. Experience has shown that local governance with good regional economic conditions and strong village collective economy tends to achieve more obvious results.

It is necessary to vigorously develop the rural economy and continuously improve the livelihood of the rural society. Caring for groups with special difficulties, strengthening public welfare infrastructure construction in areas such as elderly care, marriage, and funerals, innovating services that benefit the people, and promoting solutions to the livelihood problems of farmers in key areas. It is necessary to continue to develop and expand the rural collective economy, use the results of high-quality development to improve people’s livelihood, and drive the rural customs to the good.

It will take a long time to break the stereotypes and bad habits and promote the change of customs. We should start with the problems that farmers are willing to accept, easy to implement, and effective, first easy and then difficult, step-by-step, and persistent, starting from the objective factors behind bad habits, eliminating the environmental soil where bad habits exist, and laying a good economic foundation for the rural new style. Not “absent” or “offside”, and guide the masses to stay away from stereotypes and bad habits.

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