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More than 10 thousand PPT delivered to Venezuelans in Cesar and Guajira

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More than 10 thousand PPT delivered to Venezuelans in Cesar and Guajira

Migration Colombia invites the Venezuelan migrant population from the departments of La Guajira and Cesar to collect their Temporary Protection Permits (PPT) that are already printed but have not been claimed by their beneficiaries, after 90 days of being ready.

The deadline to claim them expires on April 12. For this reason, the immigration authority summons the migrant community that still does not have their document, to verify if it is included in the list of PPT to be delivered at www.migracioncolombia.gov.co, option “You are still on time”, button ” Pick up”. If so, you will find the place of delivery there.

According to the immigration authority, in the aforementioned departments there are more than 118,000 printed PPTs that have not been collected by their owners. More than 10,000 Permits for Temporary Protection (PPT) have not been collected in the Guajira Region of Colombia Migration.

That is why through the Comprehensive Plan “You are still on time”, Migration Colombia creates this opportunity for the beneficiaries to present themselves to claim them and to be able to access the public and private offer provided by the PPT, explained the general director of the Entity. , Fernando Garcia Manosalva.

Unfortunately, if a person does not withdraw their document within this period, it will be understood that they have abandoned the application and the administration will be forced to cancel the permit.


This alternative to define a deadline to deliver the PPT is one of the four measures designed by the immigration authority to offer different options to people who for some reason have not been able to access their document. The other three are the following:

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Valid: Expires on April 30, 2023. Mechanism that allows confirming that the person is still interested in continuing their PPT processing process and validating their personal information.

Download: Expires on April 30, 2023. This measure invites you to download the PPT Procedure Certificate that allows you to maintain your regular immigration status while your document is delivered.

Register: It will be enabled from April 1 to 30, 2023. It is an alternative aimed at the Venezuelan migrant population who had a Special Permit to Stay (PEP) and who did not register in the Temporary Protection Statute for Venezuelan Migrants (ETPV). It also applies to Venezuelans with a refuge safe-conduct who want to take advantage of the ETPV and did not register before May 28, 2022.

Finally, Migración Colombia calls on the Venezuelan migrant population not to leave obtaining their PPT until the last minute.

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