Home News More than 500 popular science activities will be launched at the home event of Tianjin National Science Day in 2021, waiting for you to check in

More than 500 popular science activities will be launched at the home event of Tianjin National Science Day in 2021, waiting for you to check in

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“The Eleventh Survey of Chinese Citizens’ Scientific Literacy shows that 16.58% of Tianjin citizens have scientific literacy, exceeding the overall national level of 10.56% and ranking third in the country.” “In 2021 Science and Technology Week, more than 7,700 popular science activities were held. More than 3 million citizens participated in “The city has built 31 national science education bases and 160 municipal science popularization bases; to achieve full coverage of 249 streets, towns, 5266 communities, and villages for popular science organizations”… Yesterday afternoon, Tianjin City in 2021 The home event of the National Science Popularization Day was launched in the concert hall of the Tianjin Grand Theater, showing the outstanding achievements of the city’s global science popularization over the past three years.

In the home event, three representatives of science and technology workers in the city told the story of science and technology research and development. Li Yiyong, chief technical consultant of CCCC First Navigation Engineering Bureau, said: “We rely on independent innovation technology and independent research and development of core equipment, as well as many years of offshore construction experience. We have not only polished China‘s cross-sea channel construction brand, but also polished Tianjin manufacturing. Brand.” Kong Jinzhu, President of Tianjin Kylin Software Co., Ltd. said: “There is no end to the path of innovation. We insist on independent innovation and make greater contributions to achieving China’s high-level technological self-reliance and self-reliance.” Worked at the National Supercomputing Center in Tianjin for 11 years. Chief Engineer Feng Jinghua also said, “As young scientific and technological workers in the new era, we have better conditions, a broader stage, and all-round support. I firmly believe that key core technologies will be overcome by us!”

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At the event, 20 people including Ma Xinlong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Dean of Tianjin Hospital, were selected as Tianjin’s “Most Beautiful Science and Technology Workers” in 2021, 20 Tianjin’s national scientific literacy work advanced collectives and 50 Tianjin’s national scientific literacy work advanced individuals were also awarded Award of medals and certificates.

According to Zhang Wei, the person in charge of the Science Popularization Day of the Municipal Association for Science and Technology, from September 11th to 17th, various districts, relevant departments and units in the city will focus on carbon peak carbon neutralization, youth science and technology education, rural revitalization, health and other topics. There are more than 500 key events with diverse and rich content. At the same time, withOnline and offlineIn a combined way, more than 1,400 science and technology activities at all levels and various types have been carried out. Among them, more than 70% of the activities are at the grassroots level, which helps to promote the in-depth development of global science popularization in the city.

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