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More than 550 rescued by the overflow of rivers in Esmeraldas

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More than 550 rescued by the overflow of rivers in Esmeraldas

emeralds It is in an emergency due to river overflows that have so far left more than 550 rescued.

The emergency occurred after a heavy rain that began on the afternoon of Saturday June 3 and lasted until Sunday.

The accumulation of water caused the rivers will overflow flooding much of the city of Esmeraldas.

The mayor of Esmeraldas, Vicko Villacís Tenorio, summoned the institutions that make up the Cantonal Emerging Operations Committee.

The Fire Department, Risk Management, Esvial, Epmapse, Environment, Public Works were facing the emergency.

Las Armed forces 500 uniformed officers were deployed, while the Police assigned 110 troops.

The Secretary of Risk Management pointed out that until 5:00 p.m. this Sunday, June 4, more than 550 rescued people had been rescued.

Several boats, dump trucks, tractors and even helicopters were used for these rescue efforts.

In sectors such as Las 50 Casas, Tolita 1 and others, the water exceeded three meters in height.

The Mayor’s Office requested the contribution of the people.

“We need non-perishable food, water, mattresses, beds, clothing and medicine to assist the relocated people,” said the mayor.

On the Esmeraldas-Atacames highway, at least two sinkholes product of the action of water.

The rains also caused other emerald rivers to rise, for which the populations are on alert.

In the Abdón Calderón de Atacames sector, the Tonchigüe River overflowed its banks and houses were flooded.

In Súa, in the sector of Alonzo de Illescas, several houses were flooded.

In Muisne, the Matambal river destroyed several houses and the place bridge collapsed.

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In Quinindé, Unión and Progreso sector, flooded houses are also reported.

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