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Mother warns son about package, but trips over it herself: “Is this package straight from hell?”

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“There’s a package there, don’t step on it.” Kristin tries to warn her son William when they leave their house in early November. But the boy still stumbles, which earns him a somewhat giggly response from his mother. “You didn’t notice that, did you?” Kristin mocks, a split second before she steps on it herself, twists her ankle and in turn falls to the ground.

“Is this package straight from hell?”, is the sound of the images that the American mother shared on Tiktok, where they have now been viewed more than 22 million times. Her scornful reaction in particular makes many viewers laugh, but others are also very impressed with how she continued to hold her eight-month-old baby when she fell and how she immediately gets back up after twisting her ankle. “They want to know if my ankles are made of rubber,” she said in a response to CNN. However, many viewers were also anxious to know what was in that ‘hellish package’. The answer is not that exciting: baking paper for the air fryer.

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