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“motothieves” in action. Cali authorities announce offensive

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“motothieves” in action.  Cali authorities announce offensive

In a video circulating on social networks, a new act of the so-called “motothieves” was evidenced, or as the Secretary of Security of Cali calls them: “public enemies”, on the limits of the Salomia and Sena neighborhoods, north of the capital of Valle del Cauca.

The images show a couple who were moving in a private vehicle, which was approached by six men on a motorcycle.

The alleged assailants tried to force the driver to open one of the car doors.

By refusing, the criminals reacted violently by kicking the vehicle.

One of the criminals is even observed pointing his weapon through trying to intimidate the couple who remained inside the car.

Given this, in relation to the great offensive announced by the authorities against the so-called “motothieves”, the highest security entities in Cali trust that the rewards and multiple posters of the faces of the criminals, who in groups assault citizens on public roads , enhance your strategic plan to control them.

Taking into account that at least three thefts under this modality are being registered daily in Santiago de Cali, the authorities started the group against the ‘motothieves’ with motorized police from ‘Gema’ to combat the armed robberies in the “Sucursal del darling”.

In addition, a sum of 150 million pesos in rewards are the strategies of the Cali authorities to try to capture the “motothieves”.

“We decided to take out some posters visually exposing the faces and motorcycles of the assailants, to promote these search and action actions,” said General José Daniel Gualdrón, commander of the Santiago de Cali Police.

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Operations against the ‘motothieves’ in one day:

•Six captured.

•Three recovered motorcycles.

• Four cell phones that returned to their owners.

The captured were left at the disposal of the competent authority for the crime of aggravated robbery so that their judicial situation and responsibility for the facts can be defined.

“The entire city must unite to address and attack this scourge. We have a reward bag; We are going to pay for information that allows us to identify and capture these “motothieves”, who are stealing citizens’ belongings,” said Jimmy Dranguet, Cali’s Secretary of Defense and Justice.


-Between January and December 28, 2022, the Cali Security Observatory reported 23,363 personal thefts.

-There were 4,602 more compared to those that 2021 produced. Only at the last Cali Fair there were 505 thefts.

Photo: Video Capture


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