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Motta, pipe broken 10 days ago: water leaks into the Monticano

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Motta, pipe broken 10 days ago: water leaks into the Monticano

Broken pipe on Albano bridge, the water has been flowing for days in Motta di Livenza. A breakage of the pipe present in Albano, on the bridge over the Monticano, which according to the municipal administration occurred ten days ago. Already at January of 2021 a leak was found in the same spot, which was repaired after two weeks. Motorists in transit and the inhabitants of the area who have repeatedly reported the criticality to the Municipality have become aware of the situation. «On November 15, a breakage of a pipe on the bridge over the Monticano» declared the mayor. «The municipal administration immediately alerted the service manager and the competent bodies. The repair requires a special means, given the position, and is scheduled for Monday, barring further unforeseen events. Fortunately, there are no inconveniences for citizens, such as the absence of water or reduced pressure”.

In a delicate moment on the drought front, with the summer of 2022 recording rainfall that constituted the absolute minimum since 1994-95, the waste of water made more than one turn up their noses. Taking into consideration the twelve months of the hydrological year, from 1 October 2021 to 30 September 2022, an average of 769 millimeters of rain fell in the region, the absolute minimum for 27 years.

However, the repair promises to be complex, given the positioning of thethe pipe beyond the parapet and under the structure: the damage is located in the middle of the bridge. The manager will have to intervene with special equipment, this could lead to part of the closure of the road with related traffic disruption.

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