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Mouth of the Manzanares River: A garbage dump in danger

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Mouth of the Manzanares River: A garbage dump in danger

The mouth of the Manzanares River has become a constant garbage dump, a situation that threatens local wildlife.

The waste accumulated in the area can affect the birds and fish that live in the river, endangering its biodiversity.

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The accumulation of garbage not only represents a threat to fauna, but it can also have serious consequences for the water quality and the ecosystem in general. Pollution can alter the natural balance of the river and have a negative impact on the species that depend on it for their survival.

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The question that arises is: Who is responsible for this situation? It is the responsibility of everyone, from local authorities to citizens, to take action to protect our natural resources. It is crucial that measures be taken to clean and preserve the mouth of the Manzanares River, thus guaranteeing the health and the survival of the species that depend on this ecosystem.

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