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Municipal elections 2022: in the center-right Genoa, Palermo, L’Aquila. Meloni overtakes Salvini, 5S disappeared

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Municipal elections 2022: in the center-right Genoa, Palermo, L’Aquila.  Meloni overtakes Salvini, 5S disappeared

The center-right is largely in the lead after the first round of municipal 2022 as regards the provincial capitals. The alliance with FdI, Lega and FI snatches the mayor of Palermo from the center-left (the count is still two-thirds of the ballots with Lagalla at 50.2%), the mayor of Belluno from the civic lists and confirms the mayors of Genoa, L ‘Aquila, Pistoia, La Spezia, Asti, Rieti and Oristano. Alessandro Tomasi, outgoing mayor of Pistoia, of the center-right, was reconfirmed in the first round with 51.49% of the votes. Federica Fratoni, from the center left, reached 28.32%. The center-left snatches the mayor of Lodi from the center-right and confirms the mayors of Padua and Taranto in the first round. The center-left and M5S candidate, Rinaldo Melucci was re-elected mayor of Taranto with 60.63% of the votes. Walter Musillo, supported by the center-right, stopped at 29.84%.

“Because the administrative vote puts the large field of Letta in crisis”


Giorgia, Matteo, abstention and useless parties

Andrea Malaguti

The civic lists (the results are not yet final) confirm the mayor of Messina. On June 26th we will have a ballot between center-right and center-left in Alessandria, Monza, Verona, Gorizia, Piacenza, Frosinone, Como (in the Larian capital a civic list could go to the ballot instead of the center-right), Catanzaro, Cuneo, Lucca, Barletta and Parma . In Viterbo the ballot will be between civic and center-left. In the previous municipal elections the center-right won in 17 capitals: Alessandria, Asti, Como, Lodi, Monza, Verona, Gorizia, La Spezia, Piacenza, Pistoia, Frosinone, Rieti, Vierbo, L’Aquila, Catanzaro and Oristano. The center-left won in 5 capitals: Cuneo, Padua, Lucca, Taranto and Palermo. The civic lists won in 4 capitals: Barletta, Parma, Messina and Belluno.

The M5S has disappeared, so it has become a “non-party”


Alessandra Ghisleri: “The center of gravity of the two poles are now Meloni and Letta”


The first round of municipal 2022 assigns two verdicts: Fratelli d’Italia is consistently the first party of the center-right also in northern Italy; the 5 Star Movement, in the provincial capitals, is always below 5% of the votes. FdI overtakes the League in Genoa (9.3 against 6.8%), in L’Aquila (20.6 against 12.5%), in Padua (8.3 against 7.3%), in Verona (11, 9 against 6.6%), in Parma (7.6 against 4.1%), in Como (12.7 against 6.7%), in Monza (12 against 7.9%), in Alessandria (14, 8 versus 10.5%), in Asti (7.7 versus 5.6%), in Cuneo (6.1 versus 6%), in Belluno (10.4 versus 9.4%) in Gorizia (10.8 against 8.3%), in La Spezia (9.7 against 7.9%).

Salvini made too many mistakes, the leadership of the League creaks: the full name on the successor


Salvini overtaken on the right: “The team counts, not the individual”

Francesco Olivo

The 5 Star Movement achieves its best result in Genoa, the birthplace of Beppe Grillo (4.4%). In Taranto 4.2%, in Messina 4.1%, in Alessandria 3.9%, in Asti 3.4%. Very bad in L’Aquila (0.7%) and Frosinone (1.3%). In Guidonia, where in 2017 M5s obtained the mayor, the pentastellati drop from 20.6% to 4.6%. The Democratic Party exceeds 20% of the votes in Genoa (21%), Padua (21.6%), Parma (24.2%). Forza Italia goes in double figures in Monza (16.38%).

“The indication dictated by the vote is clear, Giorgia Meloni will be the prime minister”


Draghi hopes for a truce to relaunch the reforms: the unknown League and 5 Stars

Federico Capurso, Hilary Lombard, Francesco Olivo

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