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Municipal elections: eight municipalities at the polls on 3 and 4 October

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About 20,000 inhabitants will be asked to choose the new mayor. The maneuvers to prepare the lists have begun from Alpago to Selva di Cadore

BELLUNO. Eight municipalities for about 20 thousand inhabitants; a tenth of the Belluno population will go to the polls in early October. The Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese has in fact adopted the decree that sets the date of the municipal elections for Sunday 3 and Monday 4 October.

The electoral turn will touch villages in all areas of the province, from the most populous Alpago, which sails around 7,000 inhabitants, to Selva di Cadore, which has less than 500. Passing through Alano di Piave, Val di Zoldo, Sovramonte, Vigo , Voltago and Lozzo, the last two governed by the prefectural commissioner. Erto and Casso also go to vote.

If in Alpago it is possible the presence of four candidates (Attilio Dal Paos, Vanessa De Francesch, Alberto Peterle, Filippo Sitran; the outgoing mayor Soccal has already declared not to apply), in Val di Zoldo Camillo De Pellegrin will take to the track again, who it could also be flanked by a flirtatious list, in case no opponent appears. Voltago is ready to greet the commissioner after two years: it will be a match between Francesca Della Lucia and Giuseppe Schena. Great maneuvers in Lozzo, where a list is ready with Alessio Zanella as candidate, which could be challenged by Giuseppe De Meio. Serenella Bogana is still in the running in Alano di Piave, the challenger’s name is still top secret. In Selva di Cadore everything is silent, while in Sovramonte the candidacy of Federico Dalla Torre is almost certain. –

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