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Municipal elections, the mayors elected at ballot boxes still open in Southern Sardinia

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Here are the centers where the quorum was reached

CAGLIARI. With the polls still open Fausto Piga was reconfirmed Mayor of Barrali for the third time. Quorum also reached in Villasalto. The new mayor is Leonardo Usai. He will turn 64 in 3 days. He takes over from Paolo Maxia. He has already been elected mayor of the town of Gerrei from 2004 to 2015. Veterinary manager of the ASL 8 of Cagliari. Married, father of 2 children. Head of the United civic list for Villasalto.

Quorum also reached in Decimoputzu. Antonino Munzittu takes over from commissioner Francesco Cicero. Former employee of Banco di Sardegna, married, 2 children and 2 grandchildren, heads the civic list Decimoputzu starts again. He was already Mayor of the town of Medio Campidano from 1997 to 2006.

Quorum also reached in Turri in Marmilla. The outgoing mayor Martino Picchedda has been reconfirmed. Thirty-seven years old, freelance architect, heads the “Turri together” list.

Quorum also reached in San Nicolo Gerrei. The outgoing mayor Stefano Soro was reconfirmed. Thirty-three years old, single, Saras employee heads the civic list “Continuity and progress”.

Quorum also reached in Sant ‘Andrea Frius. Simone Melis 33 years has been reconfirmed Mayor. Unmarried, surveyor, freelancer heads the “Together for Sant’Andrea Frius” list.

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